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Virtual Design & Construction

Design coordination made easy with our VDC team

VDC is an influential instrument enabling architects, engineers, and contractors to synergize and harmonize their designs, minimizing mistakes and boosting productivity. Our adept VDC team, comprised of seasoned BIM managers and technicians, is tasked with updating trade models, resolving discrepancies, synchronizing models among relevant parties, and generating shop drawings from the synchronized model.

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virtual design and construction services
virtual design and construction services

Design Coordination for Complex Facilities

Effective design coordination is crucial in complex facilities such as hospital buildings, where there may be many different building services being installed by different stakeholders, which need to be installed in relatively confined spaces.

What Do We Do?

Gsource is a virtual design and construction (VDC) BIM designer specializing in federated models. We are dedicated to creating and managing accurate and up-to-date virtual models used to coordinate a project's design and construction process. The models created by Gsource must be compatible with the other models that are part of the federated model.

vdc services

Gsource can handle data from multiple sub-contractors and in various formats, including immersive walkthroughs and 360-camera video feeds. This ability to work with diverse data sources makes Gsource a versatile and valuable partner in the design and construction process. The company is committed to delivering high-quality and efficient services to its clients, ensuring that the virtual design and construction models accurately represent the physical building and meet all requirements

Our VDC roles:

vdc services

Maintaining and updating respective trade models (e.g., MEPF)

vdc services

Following model development and submission requirements established in the BIM PxP

virtual design and construction

Resolving conflicts and fully coordinating their respective models with all applicable parties

vdc services

Updating the model during the construction phase

virtual design and construction

Producing shop drawings from the coordinated model

vdc services

Installing work based on the coordinated construction model

How it works

At Gsource, we understand the importance of creating a streamlined process for all our construction projects. Our service delivery process includes the following steps:


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Idea Conception & Preliminary Planning

During this phase, we accumulate all essential data points, MEP specifics, building and floor blueprints, CAD illustrations, structural details, and other pertinent project information. Our proficient team undertakes an in-house review of this data to confirm that we possess a thorough comprehension of the project's demands.

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Project Execution Plan

Having an execution plan is essential to ensure that subcontractors can work efficiently on the federated model. Gsource assists contractors with pre-planning, BIM model updates, CAD outputs, and specific sheet preparation before commencing construction activities on the ground. This ensures that the construction process runs smoothly and without any delays or setbacks.

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Design Analysis & Clash Detection

To avoid any clashes and rework, analysis on federated models is crucial. Gsource conducts design analysis and clash detection to identify any potential issues before construction begins. We make sure that daily updates from ongoing construction surveys are recorded and provide accurate and error-free sheets to contractors on the ground.

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Real Time Management

Our design team ensures that the project is executed as per plan, and any deviations are addressed promptly. We monitor progress regularly and provide regular updates to our clients to keep them informed of the project's status.

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Final Delivery & Post-Construction Services

At Gsource, we aim to provide our clients with comprehensive construction project design-assist services that are tailored to meet their specific requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in delivering a successful project.

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