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Mechanical Design

The right blend of product design, development, and engineering design.

Mechanical Design & Modeling is a vital aspect of any organization involved in production, supply, distribution, or material handling. However, maintaining a process-oriented Mechanical Engineering team can take time and effort, especially in today's volatile market. Maintaining production levels to meet demand while also managing operational costs can be a difficult balancing act for employers.

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Mechanical Design & Modeling
Mechanical Design Engineering Services

We can help you streamline your production and manufacturing operations to meet market demand while saving on overhead costs. Our team of experts, efficient designs, and fast turnaround times can help you achieve profitability without compromising quality. With experience working with top organizations globally, Gsource offers an opportunity to leverage our expertise without any additional premium. Partner with us today and see savings of up to 50% on your operational overheads.

Mechanical Design Services

The Process

Gsource's team of mechanical engineers are experts in creating precise and accurate 2D drawings using CAD or extracting them from fully developed 3D models, tailored to the specific needs of our clients. In addition, quality checks are implemented throughout the drafting and design process to ensure that the drawings meet all necessary codes and standards.

We do mechanical drafting for transportation, machinery & robotics, off-highway equipment, heavy engineering design, industrial equipment, value engineering , consumer electronics, and EV charging station infrastructure.

Mechanical Design & Modeling

In addition to 2D services, our team of skilled engineers and designers also specializes in developing high-quality 3D CAD models for industrial equipment, mechanical components, machinery, and sheet metal products using surface & solid modeling, and assemblies. Our comprehensive CAD 3D Modeling services are aimed at improving design communication, accuracy, and intent.

Our advanced 3D product models can also boost productivity by automating iterative design tasks and allowing for future redesign and enhancements.

How it works


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The client and the outsourcing company discuss the project requirements and specifications.

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Concept Creation

Based on the consultation, the outsourcing company creates sketches, preliminary designs, or 3D models for the client's approval.

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Detailed Design

Once the concept is approved, the outsourcing company creates detailed designs that include dimensions, materials, and tolerances.

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Review and Feedback

The client reviews the design and provides feedback to the outsourcing company. Revisions may be requested and made until the design meets the client's requirements.

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Simulation and Analysis

The outsourcing company may perform simulations and analysis such as FEA or CFD to ensure the design is feasible and meets performance standards.

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Final Design

The outsourcing company creates the final design and documentation including drawings, bills of materials, and assembly instructions.

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The client may choose to manufacture the product in-house or outsource it to a manufacturing company. The outsourcing company may provide support during the production process.

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Project Management

The outsourcing company typically manages the project timeline, deliverables, and communication with the client throughout the entire process.

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