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Bringing your designs to life.

With our expertise in the latest CAD and 3D modeling software, we are ready to create high-quality, on-budget designs for your industrial projects. We offer 3D modeling, P&ID, PFD, and sheet metal designs for industry, adhering to all international standards and safety regulations, and we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality work on time.

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3D Modeling

3D Modeling

Our highly skilled engineers and designers are experts in 3D modeling and mechanical design services. We help ensure your design is of excellent quality and cost-effective.

 P&ID designs


Our P&ID designs use CAD technology managed by highly skilled engineers, providing a complete and accurate piping and instrumentation diagram that adheres to international standards and considers all regulatory and safety requirements.

PFD designs


Like our P&ID designs, our PFD designs depict a broader overhead view of the interconnection of industrial process equipment. Our process flow diagrams adhere to international standards and consider all regulatory and safety requirements.

Sheet Metal Design

Sheet Metal

We offer expert sheet metal product design services that can support your in-house team by creating functional and unique designs while keeping cost and fabrication in mind. By outsourcing to Gsource, you gain flexibility and capacity to enhance your sheet metal parts design and fabrication drawings quickly and cost-effectively.

How it works


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The Pre-Production Process

We understand your unique requirements to be able to create designs that meet your commercial and technical goals. It’s our expertise in engineering, design, and manufacturing that sets us apart from everyone else.

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Outlining the Proposal

After thoroughly understanding your requirements, we draft a comprehensive proposal outlining the entire design process, costing, and timelines.

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Zeroing Down

Understanding your requirements after consulting on the draft proposal gives us the opportunity to zero down on the one which is most aligned with your objectives and goals.

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Delivering Value

Our skilled engineers work hard to pull what exceeds your expectations and deliver great value to your business in every way, thereby reducing overall inefficient and costly churn.

Getting started is easy

Our scope of work covers the more intricate details to help you what you’re looking for.