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Gsource is a strong provider of reinforced concrete detailing services for the construction industry. Our team of trained engineers and technicians can deliver data-driven reinforced concrete models for upcoming projects, saving you time and revenue while maintaining the highest quality and compliance with industry standards.

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One of our core services is rebar detailing. Our team of experts can provide detailed drawings and models of rebar placement, including information on the rebar's dimensions, reinforcement, and connections. We also offer rebar shop drawings, which provide detailed information on the fabrication and assembly of rebar. This service is essential for ensuring that the rebar is manufactured to the correct specifications and can be easily installed on site.

We also offer rebar estimation. Our team of experts are ready to estimate the complete services and materials required for a project. This ensures that the project runs on minimum costs and stays within the budget and schedule.

We focus on rebar detailing for all types and sizes of civil engineering
projects. These projects include:


Elevated railway structures

Superstructures for bridges

School buildings

Public buildings

High-rise buildings

Shopping malls

Marine structures



Treatment plants

Parking garages


We follow industry standards and codes:
  • ASHTO – American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
  • ACI - American Concrete Institute
  • ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
  • BS – British Standard
  • CRSI – Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute
  • RSIO – Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario

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