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Mapping out your future in unparalleled detail

Computer-assisted design (CAD) & drafting is in our blood. Our team has been around since the technology was taking its very first steps, and we continue to operate at the forefront of industry in the US. If you need unbeatable results in designing & drafting, or top-quality 3D modelling renders or virtual reality plans, Gsource Technologies has got the expertise, experience and resources to deliver every time..

It’s our strong focus on adaptability, along with a four-pronged approach to excellent service, which has helped us maintain our stellar reputation and penchant for evergreen client relationships over the years.

Customer-centric approach.

Zero compromise on accuracy and efficiency.

An unwavering commitment to meet deadlines

‘First time right’ delivery every time.

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Target Market Summary

Gsource Technologies targets companies and individuals who value fast, accurate and comprehensive results. The versatility of our computer-assisted processes and technologies means that we can serve clients from a range of industries, including architects, product developers, land surveyors, civil engineers, structural engineers, fabricators, estate agents and more. The list of companies able to benefit from computer-assisted modelling and drafting is enormous, and we’re out to serve the ones who don’t accept second-best.

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Founded in Florida in 2009, Gsource Technologies was originally intended to disrupt the stagnant recruitment and consulting industry of the era. Industries like manufacturing, retail and IT had grown complacent in their hunt for fresh talent and new ideas. Gsource Technologies burst onto the scene to shake things up with innovation and results-driven working processes which aimed to serve the client above all else.

In 2013, the company refocused to cater for engineering, design and tech industries, maintaining a focus on its core tenets of quality, accuracy and efficiency. It invested heavily in CAD technologies, a risk that paid off in 2015 when the company spread nationwide from its homes in Florida and Ohio. Today, Gsource Technologies operates in 30 U.S. states, offering services ranging from web design and 3D modelling, to VR rendering and drafting architectural blueprints.

What’s next? In addition to pursuing the lucrative data processing niche and growing neuro-linguistic programming field, Gsource Technologies is looking to operate at the vanguard of the LiDAR (light radar) market, with an aim to expand operations in 2024.


Confidentiality is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we only collect data which is crucial to our operations and access it only when absolutely necessary. Additionally, all client data is encrypted and stored within S3 Amazon servers located within that client’s respective geographical location. Finally, all client names are disguised using an in-house pseudonym system which means that , amongst our teams, real names are never discussed.


Fast turnaround time, with speedy responses from our team should any issues arise.

Enjoy an all-in-one hardware and software management platform within the Gsource suite of services.

Keep on top of your finances with budget management services for IT infrastructure.

Stay safe with network security and data management services.

Rest easy knowing your personal data is secured and encrypted.


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Every once in a while, a new technology,
an old problem and a big idea turn into an innovation.

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Innovation separates doers from talkers, leaders from followers, and visionary changemakers from armchair evangelists. At Gsource, our mission is to leverage cutting-edge technology in highly innovative ways and enable exponential value addition across the engineering spectrum.

OUR Vision

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Our vision is to be at the forefront of the engineering, design and technology services market by means of Software-as-a-service!


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Integrity & Ethics

It is very important for business leaders to live a lifestyle of honesty, integrity & high ethical and moral standards as these are the cornerstones for a successful organization's reputation. To live with integrity is to know your values & exemplify those values in your everyday life enriching everyone around you and thats exactly what we vie for at Gsource !

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Pioneering / Innovation

Gsource promotes innovation and rewards those who participate in renewing our products or services and distinguishes Gsource by applying new processes, introducing new techniques or establishing successful ideas to create new value to customers. We want employees to THINK and not just act or follow.

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Customer Commitment

Customer commitment is forefront on Gsource’s value proposition. Gsource encourages and prides itself in provoking a sense of ownership, accountability, timeliness & diligence in every deliverable. The success of a business and its people always depends on consistent and timely processes in giving what the customer wants.

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Justice, Equality, Liberty & Diversity are our 4 core pillars of democracy! Gsource most frequently goes above and beyond to help people professionally and personally in every way we can.

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People First

When you think ‘people first,’ you probably think of prioritizing the people of an organization above all else! And you're right! We most frequently go above and beyond to help people in general, whether they are a part of the organization or a vendor network! We empower our people to show up as their best selves and help them excel in their work.

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Passion For Excellence

To do it right the first time and then repetitively time & again continuously thinking of ways to automate/replicate with 100% accuracy, by transferring that to learning management systems/platforms/automated outputs - GSource provides a knowledge base of intellectuals and equips them with the latest technology platforms to do just that !

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The Start Of Something Special

The entrepreneurial bug first bit Sandeep in September 2009, when he left a cushy IT job to establish Infinite Inc, a commercial business space and facility management enterprise, in Pune.

A Detour In The Road Less Traveled

With growing inquiries for architectural and structural maintenance and upkeep, Sandeep steers the company away from facilities and towards unique construction, maintenance and fabrication.

The Spark That Started It All

Driven by the market need for quality recruitment solutions in AEC, civil and design and drafting, Infinite Inc is rebranded as Gsource, marking the beginning of an incredible journey. Gsource worked with MNCs based in India and the Middle East and helped thousands to get their dream job!

A Smaller Pivot Sets The Stage

Gsource shifts its focus in 2013 from recruitment consulting to end-to-end technical expertise, to streamline CAD design, drafting, and technical processes for an international audience.

A Uniquely Indian Growth Story

Powered by a new vision and direction, Gsource is established as a Private limited firm with the ministry of corporate affairs with over 20 employees, CAD specific talent, and a bottomless capacity

The American Dream Begins

Gsource registers its first overseas office with the Florida State Department and kicks off its brand new fleet of AEC and GIS services for a global customer base, operating from the United States.

Geeking Out With GIS

The first GIS and mapping application is developed by the expert tech team at Gsource, solidifying its growing strength as a trusted technology solutions provider.

Build. Operate. Design.

Expanding on its CAD expertise, Gsource shifts gears to introduce newer solutions to the lineup, including Building Information Management (BIM), engineering and design services.

Two Eyes On The Future

In a drive of innovation and intelligence, Gsource kicks off VR, AR and 3D capabilities, and strengthens its GIS, AEC and Mechanical design teams with over 150 skilled engineers.

Gearing Up With Global Partnerships

Driven by a strong commitment to deliver end-to-end services in rapid TAT, Gsource is now a global force, with 2000+ partners and double the team size of subject matter experts.

Going Worldwide

New offices open in United States New Center Of Excellence established in India

People. Quality. Delivery

Customer Satisfaction aligning Gsource’s workforce to customised solutions

Breaking Industry Barriers

Building expertise globally and moving into Core Industry fields like Steel detailing , Structural & Fabrication using Proprietary custom-made CAD Application

Keep Building

Aligning every Business Vertical to a cost center, Building ownership, Accountability & Responsibility



Our scope of work covers the more intricate details to help you find what you’re looking for.

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Started in 2009, Gsource offers a unique combination of end-to-end customized engineering, design, GIS and technology solutions. In a short span, we have created a niche for ourselves becoming agents of change in the drafting, designing and engineering segments by adopting relevant and cutting edge technologies like GIS and Business Intelligence.