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We provide specialist sheet metal design services that can bolster your internal team by crafting practical and distinctive designs, with an emphasis on cost and fabrication. By partnering with Gsource, you acquire the agility and capability to promptly and economically amplify your sheet metal parts design and fabrication sketches.

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Sheet Metal Design
sheet metal product designs

Gsource provides specialized design solutions to bolster your internal team. Our skilled designers can devise distinctive and practical sheet metal product designs, with a keen eye on cost and fabrication considerations. By partnering with us, you gain the adaptability and capability to swiftly and economically improve your sheet metal parts design and fabrication blueprints.

Our engineers use state-of-the-art techniques to create accurate, precise designs that reduce material waste and follow international standards. In addition, we prioritize long-term business relationships with clients and work closely with them to stay updated on project changes and updates.

casting designs


We excel in delivering economically viable and functionally robust design solutions that incorporate casting designs, optimize for molding processes, and simplify complex fabrications into straightforward casting designs. Our seasoned engineers and designers employ cutting-edge CAD/CAM software to craft designs optimized for production and cost. Additionally, we offer value engineering services to guarantee the design satisfies customer needs while keeping costs low.

sheet metal parts design



Our specialists excel in designing a diverse range of sheet metal parts and products, encompassing enclosures, exterior body pieces, vessels, containers, and beyond. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we expedite project completion with improved revision management, significantly reducing the timeline from idea generation to production.

CAD Solutions for sheet metal design

CAD Solutions

Our team, endowed with extensive experience, excels in precise execution of sheet metal design projects. We employ advanced 3D CAD software for virtual project design, enabling visualization of the design and detection of inaccuracies and errors.

Sheet Metal Shop Drawing Services

Shop Drawings

Our Sheet Metal Shop Drawing Services are vital for manufacturing. We craft comprehensive fabrication blueprints utilized by metal goods fabricators, manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and roofing firms. These schematics are an indispensable element of the manufacturing procedure and crucial for an exceptional end product.

What we do


Sketch to CAD

Get highly accurate CAD drawings from paper plans, images, handwritten sketches, or markups.


2D CAD Digitization

Deliver high-quality mechanical 2D conversions to CAD.


Layout Drawings

The simplest stage of drawings, layout drawings, help you define the scope of your project and rapidly create prototypes for assembly or fabrication drawings.


General Arrangement Drawings

Our GA team is fully equipped to cover your first basic project layout so that you can work on your next stage of project development.


Equipment Layout Drawings

Whether you have a small firm or a large plant, Gsource has the expertise to carefully understand and draft your equipment layout based on conditions laid down by the client.


Detailed Shop Drawings

Our pre-fabrication design and drafting team works tirelessly to get you the right shop drawing with all the essentials addressed.


Fabrication Drawings

Once you have our detailed shop drawings, our fabrication drafting team will help you define various parts and provide coding and listing.


Assembly Drawings

We include components and parts used in the assembly and provide references and codes to related drawing sets.



We follow ASME and other international standards as requested for our GD&T drawings.

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