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Expert precast panel detailing for efficient construction projects.

We are a leading provider of precast panel detailing services for the construction industry. Our team of trained engineers and technicians offer services such as wall panel detailing, precast shop drawings, BIM coordination, and drafting for the erection of precast panels. These services help save clients time and revenue while maintaining the highest level of quality in their precast panel detailing services.

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One of our core services is wall panel detailing. Our team of experts can provide detailed drawings and models of precast wall panels, including information on the panel's dimensions, reinforcement, and connections. We also offer precast shop drawings, which provide detailed information on the fabrication and assembly of precast panels. This service is essential for ensuring that the panels are manufactured to the correct specifications and can be easily assembled on-site.

We provide BIM coordination as well. This is a digital depiction of a structure's tangible and operational features, enabling architects, engineers, and contractors to work together using one digital model. Through our BIM coordination services, we guarantee that all prefab panels are designed and detailed in line with the overall architectural plan, preventing mistakes and holdups at the construction site.

Finally, we also provide drafting for the erection of precast panels, including erection drawings and bar bending schedules. Erection drawings provide detailed information on how the precast panels should be erected on the construction site, including the placement of cranes and lifting points. Bar bending schedules are used to ensure that the reinforcement in the precast panels is bent to the correct shape and size, and placed in the correct location.

Services provided by Gsource include:

Beam and Column Detailing

Marking Plan

Precast Joinery Detailing

Precast Column Detailing

Precast Cladding Panels

Precast Engineering Services

Tekla Panel Detailing

Tekla Precast Concrete Detailing

Curtain Wall Panel Detailing

Precast Beam-Column Connection Detailing

Shear Wall Panel Detailing

Load-bearing Wall Units Panel Detailing

Connection and Handling System Design

Formwork for Cast-in-Place Concrete Panel Detailing

We adhere to widely recognized global standards. We maintain the client's custom construction
standards within the project scope, while upholding the regulations for sophisticated design,
detailing, and construction.
We follow industry standards and codes:
  • ASTM - American Society of Testing Materials
  • ACI - American Concrete Institute
  • CRSI - Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute
  • AS - Australian Standards
  • NZS – New Zealand Standards
  • BS - British Standards

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