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Flexible plans for multiple options and elevations.

We offer extensive drafting and design services for home buildings of various kinds and sizes. Our services include the ability to create plot plans, formboards, and finals on CAD for your home building designs. With our professional understanding of typical home layouts and how to model them, we work to meet each client’s specific standards and specifications seamlessly.

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Our leading service is to provide flexible plans for multiple options and elevations of the units in CAD, allowing clients to save time and money by building out their home designs with modular options from a single master design.

We pride ourselves in making our plans both understandable and simple to use, usable by both in-house engineers and outsourced consultants. Although our plans are primarily made for architects and engineers, they are structured for use by marketing, design, and sales departments as well, with formatting and ease of use that works across departments.

Set for a typical Single Family Home

Working with Gsource, you can look forward to quality results in a reasonable timeframe.

  • Multiple elevation fronts with partial floor plans.
  • Foundation choices include slab on grade, crawl space, unfinished basement, and finished lower levels.
  • Structural options vary from 3-car garages, sunrooms, covered and screened porches, in-law suites, and more.
  • Non-structural options vary from luxury master baths, fireplaces, optional doors and windows, ceiling treatments, and more.
  • Exterior options for each elevation level include siding, brick, and stone.

How it works


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Home Buildings Initial Consultation

An initial consultation with the client is conducted during the first step to go over their particular requirements, budget, and specifications for the technical design of water resources.

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Home Buildings Flexible Plan Options

In this stage, our team will create flexible plans for multiple options and elevations in CAD, allowing clients to choose from a variety of modular options from a single master design.

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Home Buildings Options Selection

At this stage, the client will select the specific options they want for their home design, including foundation choices, structural and non-structural options, and exterior options.

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Home Buildings Finalization of Plans

The final stage involves finalizing the CAD plans for the home building design, including plot plans, formboards, and finals. Our team works to ensure that the plans are both understandable and simple to use for architects, engineers, and other departments such as marketing and sales.

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Our scope of work covers the more intricate details to help you what you’re looking for.