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Fiber Optics and Cabling

Designing future-proof fiber optic networks.

At Gsource, we are dedicated to offering all-inclusive geospatial design solutions for fiber optics. Utilizing the capabilities of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, we meticulously plan, design, and manage robust fiber optic networks. Our services are versatile and encompass a broad spectrum, customized to cater to the distinctive needs of our clients.

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Fiber Optic Network Design
Fiber Optic Network Design

Our Approach

Our methodology initiates with an in-depth mapping of the current infrastructure. This crucial step enables us to grasp a detailed understanding of the existing network layout. It assists us in pinpointing potential routes and opportunities for establishing newer, more effective networks. Having gained a comprehensive insight into the present setup, we proceed to craft networks that are specifically devised to meet the distinct prerequisites of each client.

Fiber Optics and cabling design offerings

Our Offerings

We provide a variety of services, extending beyond the basic ones.

  • Fiber Optic Network Design : We focus on designing fiber optic networks that offer optimal performance.
  • Detailed Drawings : Our team creates detailed drawings which serve as a guide during the cable installation process.
  • Complex Schematics : We generate complex schematics for component installation to ensure a smooth setup and minimize potential complications.

With extensive experience in Utilities, Civil and Land Surveying engineering projects, Gsource has built a unique niche, developing both human and technological resources adept at handling fibre optics and cabling within CAD services. Wondering why companies like yours entrust us with their needs and choose to collaborate with us?


CAD Design Services

Our CAD design services are comprehensive and include: Developing detailed drawings for installing fiber optic splices. Formulating intricate drawings for setting up fiber optic connectors. Creating detailed drawings for the installation of fiber optic patch panels.


Underground Cabling Layout Design

Our CAD design services in this area are thorough and exhaustive, including: Producing detailed drawings and diagrams of the cabling layout. Creating 3D models to visualize the installation process.


Preventing Utility Conflicts

A crucial aspect of designing or drafting underground fiber optics cabling involves thorough research of existing utilities. These utilities are often documented in CAD files and plans from sources such as engineering firms, utility companies, and city/county records. Our approach ensures we utilize these prior plans effectively to generate an accurate layout of the fiber optics installed underground.


Constant Communication

We maintain regular communication with our clients, providing on-field surveyors or engineers with a CAD draft before they go to the field, ensuring they're aware of existing conditions and underground utility networks.

Fiber optics and cabling design - Compliance with jurisdictional norms

Compliance with Jurisdictional Norms

Our designs adhere strictly to jurisdiction norms, and we take into account the existing topological design and Sub Surface/Underground Networks during the design process. Our team develops detailed drawings for the installation of fiber optic cables and creates intricate schematics for the installation of fiber optic components.

At Gsource, we are committed to being your reliable partner for superior CAD design and drafting services. Our technical expertise, combined with swift turnaround times, supports our clients in accelerating their project completion, ultimately leading to successful project outcomes.

How it works


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Client Consultation

The process at Gsource begins with an initial call with the client. This crucial step allows us to understand the unique needs of each client, their current network layout, and potential routes for creating newer, more efficient networks. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of the existing setup and the client's specific requirements, we can tailor our approach to best meet their needs.

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Interdepartmental Collaboration

Once we have a clear understanding of the client's needs, our Sales and Client Relations team collaborates with our Operations team. This step involves translating the project scope and client requirements into actionable tasks for our Operations team. The interdepartmental collaboration ensures all teams are aligned with the client's vision and project goals.

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Execution by Operations Team

Armed with a clear understanding of the project scope, our Operations team gets to work. They focus on designing optimal fiber optic networks, creating detailed drawings and complex schematics for cable and component installations. They also provide exhaustive CAD design services for underground cabling layout, including 3D models to visualize the installation process. Additionally, they prepare accurate cost estimates to ensure budget compliance.

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Feedback and Finalization

Once the proposed deliverables are ready, we share them with the client for feedback. We believe in maintaining constant communication with our clients throughout the process, ensuring they're updated about the progress and any potential changes. Upon receiving feedback, we make necessary revisions to ensure the final product meets the client's expectations. At Gsource, our commitment extends beyond superior CAD design and drafting services - we aim to be your reliable partner, helping you achieve successful project outcomes with our technical expertise and swift turnaround times.

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