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Structural Design

Reinforce your structures with impeccable design and engineering.

Design highly elegant and detailed structures of varying complexity and specifications through our innovative structural design services.

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Structural Engineering Design Services
Structural Design Services

Create efficient 2D and 3D structural models that reinforce your projects with a strong core and world-class detailing. Good structural design combines form, function, ease of construction and sustainability in a concentrated effort. This is reflected in our design processes.

Craft powerful backbones for industrial, commercial and residential projects, and create plans that help EPC firms, fabricators and contractors bring your idea to life. From foundation and roof design to beams, columns slabs and wooden structures, our detailing and design services cover all the essential parts.

Structural design services. - Precast


One of our core services is wall panel detailing. Our team of experts can provide detailed drawings and models of precast wall panels, including information on the panel's dimensions, reinforcement, and connections. We also offer precast shop drawings, which provide detailed information on the fabrication and assembly of precast panels. This service is essential for ensuring that the panels are manufactured to the correct specifications and can be easily assembled on-site.

Structural design services. - Prefab


One of the key differences between precast and prefab is that prefabrication allows for a higher level of customization and flexibility. Our team can work with you to design and detail prefabricated building components that are tailored to your specific project needs. This can include prefabricated walls, floors, roof systems, and more complex systems like prefabricated MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems.

Structural design services - Fabrication


Our team of experienced engineers and CAD drafters is here to provide you with fabrication drawings that are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're working on a structural steel design, sheet metal design, architectural steelwork design, handrails design, or stairs design, we have the skills and knowledge to deliver the high-quality drawings you require.

Structural design services - Steel


Steel erectors and fabricators optimise detailed drawings to use them in constructing various kinds of structures, from bridges to buildings. Our 3D model, designed with the help of our expert technicians, helps come up with a set of clear drawings for steelwork fabrication. These drawings specify particular aspects of the steel structure such as length, size, etc and direct the erectors and fabricators to assemble the parts correctly and efficiently.

Structural design services - Reinforced Concrete

Reinforced Concrete

One of our core services is rebar detailing. Our team of experts can provide detailed drawings and models of rebar placement, including information on the rebar's dimensions, reinforcement, and connections. We also offer rebar shop drawings, which provide detailed information on the fabrication and assembly of rebar. This service is essential for ensuring that the rebar is manufactured to the correct specifications and can be easily installed on site.

What we cover under structural designing


2D Structural Drafting

2D drafting is the creation and editing of technical structural drawings using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. This includes: Structural framing, Reinforced Concrete Detailing, RCC Beam Framing, Foundation Plans, Reinforcement & Structural Joist Details


3D Structural Modelling

Taking on the project from the 2D drafting stage, 3D structural modelling gives a visual representation of your project. Sometimes, 2D floor plans aren’t quite enough to imagine your environment – this is the next step that connects all the elements into a 3D space.


Structural Load Calculation

Buildings and structures are designed to sustain varying loads or combinations of loads. Our services calculate what types of loads your structures can sustain as well as the varying types that are best suited.


Structural Element Design

The structural analysis process involves utilizing structural elements to break down a complex structure into more manageable components. These elements include Rods, Beams, Pillars, Posts Help to design these elements using our services and softwares.


Rebar And Precast Detailing

We deliver services involving reinforcement bars and precast concrete all around the globe making detailing and estimation for: Structural engineers, Rebar fabricators ,Contractors, Concrete Contractors, Detailers, Designers


Shop And Fabrication Drawings

Known as fabrication or shop drawings, our services provide the drawings that help to direct the production of all built elements such as structural steel, precast concrete, windows and more. Including specs, measurements, and instructions for all design components to fit correctly in line with the design, shop drawings are fundamental to the construction process.


Structural Optimization And Analytics

All of our services interlink with one another, and that doesn’t fall short with our Structural Optimisation and Analytics service. We can analyse or optimise the design to carry specific load mechanical structures using our services.


Structural Building Information Modelling

We create 3D model-based processes that aid any professionals on the structures site to: design, detail, record, and engineer structural systems.


Structural Frame Modelling

We consider the form of the structure frame in orthogonal directions. This helps us to identify the primary structural elements which form the mainframes, the secondary structure elements such as beams and other elements such as cladding. Often there are a variety of options that form building frames and therefore we model the best options available.

How it works

At our design firm, we take structural planning seriously and leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating safe and sound building structures. Here's an overview of the process we follow:


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Data Gathering & Structural Planning

Our team is dedicated to gathering all the necessary data for your project, from architectural plans to information on the orientation and position of columns, beams, slabs, stairs, and footings. We understand that accurate data is crucial to creating a solid structural framework.

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Design Code, Framing Systems & Criteria

Our engineers carefully assess the type of building structure required for each project, whether it's precast, prefabricated, reinforced concrete, or steel. We always follow the appropriate codes and criteria, such as ASCE 7, UBC-97, ACI 318, and AISC, to ensure that your structure is designed to the highest standards.

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Load Considerations and Calculation

Once we have identified the codes and criteria to be used in the design, we move on to load considerations and calculations. This step involves assigning three basic loadings - dead load (DL), superimposed dead load (SDL), and live loads (LL) based on the type of occupancy of the project. We also take into account wind and seismic loads, depending on the height of the building. Our goal is to create a design that can withstand all potential loads.

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Structural Modeling and Design

Finally, once the framing is complete, we use cutting-edge 3D modeling softwares to verify the adequacy of the structural framework. Our designers extract the design forces needed in the design of structural members, like beams, slabs, columns, and footings, to ensure that everything is structurally sound. And we perform all the necessary checks to ensure that your design is rock-solid.

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