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When you think ground control, think Gsource.

In a universe teeming with stars and planets, akin to the scattered market of engineering design services, Gsource serves as the central hub bringing order to chaos. With a robust foundation of business and technical professionals, data-driven insights from years of experience, and vast resources, Gsource assists in shaping your unique path amidst a myriad of services. Custom-made and perfectly aligned with your grand vision.

Gsource Technologies Services

Industries we serve

Industries we serve - Civil & Geospatial

Civil & Geospatial

Each new building project necessitates a precise and comprehensive survey, inclusive of LiDAR imagery for complete detail capture. We offer everything from geospatial data processing on CAD, sectional and elevation profiles, to grading blueprints and pipe networks. Our range of services includes entirely technical diagrams and engineering design plans, tailored to meet your needs.

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Industries we serve - Architectural


Each architect grapples with unique rules, environmental factors, and aesthetic desires. Our services cater to both architectural requirements and outer building enclosure needs, delivering BIM compliant models, construction documents, and schematic designs to architects, engineers, and facade contractors.

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Industries we serve - Building Construction Engineering

Building Construction


From comprehensive structural, steel, and rebar detailing to MEPF and HVAC BIM models, along with digital twins and general contractor-focused VDC services, our engineers deliver the blueprints necessary for the construction team's success and efficiency.

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Industries we serve - Manufacturing


From conceptualizing new products to designing components and machinery, as well as creating shop drawings for fabrication and installation, the engineering team at Gsource delivers comprehensive solutions from start to finish.

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Need more reasons? We've got five

Why to choose us - Pinpoint accuracy

Pinpoint accuracy

Whether it's CAD drafting or GIS mapping, we understand the crucial role accuracy plays and are proud to uphold the highest precision standards in the industry. We never compromise on accuracy - not even an inch!

Why to choose us - Efficiency over everything

Efficiency over everything

Our claim of providing comprehensive drafting and geospatial solutions is backed by a dedicated in-house team comprising professional drafters, designers, image processing specialists, and tech enthusiasts. We ensure a smooth transition of ideas and have established measures to prevent leaks. This contributes to our high success rate from planning to execution, which is evident in our results.

Why to choose us - Lighting fast turnaround times

Lighting fast turnaround times

With our dedicated teams in the US and India operating round-the-clock, we ensure continuous workflow and incredibly quick turnaround times.

Why to choose us - Lean bottom & cranked up profits

Lean bottom & cranked up profits

Our in-house team handles all drafting, mapping, and tech needs, truly embodying our commitment to providing value. Plus, we let our work speak for itself by offering a free sample to new customers, allowing them to experience our quality firsthand.

Why to choose us - Customized teams, Customized solutions

Customized teams, Customized solutions

Boost your international footprint with our highly skilled teams worldwide. We curate specialized groups tailored to your specific needs, aiming to provide solutions that drive your business forward. Benefit from industry-leading talent, courtesy of our expert vendors with established success histories.

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