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Our BIM PxP (Process and Production) services streamline the process of building information modeling. This covers every aspect of the project: design coordination, working closely with MEPF subcontractors, ensuring that the model is updated for the next design coordination session and that the design changes are communicated for construction execution. This approach increases collaboration, reduces errors, and improves efficiency for the project.

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BIM Services
Architectural BIM Services

Gsource's BIM PxP (process and Production) Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a powerful tool that allows architects, engineers, and contractors to collaborate and coordinate their designs, reducing errors, and increasing efficiency. At Gsource, we specialize in BIM PxP services, providing our clients with a streamlined and collaborative process that covers every aspect of their project.

BIM Coordination Services

Design Coordination

Design coordination is a collaborative process between multiple project stakeholders, such as the owner, architects, structural engineers, general contractor, and subcontractors. Gsource plays a crucial role in this process by detailing an architect's and engineer's design into a fabrication model (LOD 400). Our team ensures that the design intent is maintained in a clash-free and fabrication-ready model, updating it after each design coordination session.

BIM Modeling Services

MEPF Subcontractors

Gsource works closely with MEPF subcontractors, not only creating their fabricated model but also integrating it into the BIM model of the project. In addition, our team ensures that the model is updated for the next design coordination session and that the design changes are communicated for construction execution.

Architectural BIM Services

Models we Coordinate and Produce

Gsource coordinates and produces various types of models, including Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Structural, Energy, Construction, and Coordination Models. These models are used to visualize the project in detail, identify potential constructability issues, and ensure that the design is clash-free.

BIM Coordination Services

BIM Coordination Meetings

Gsource holds BIM Coordination meetings with its clients every week on various projects that are planned to be delivered on the basis of a BIM PxP. Our clients include General Contractors, Architects, Owners, MEPF, HVAC, Electrical, and Structural. These meetings aim to produce a design that minimizes conflicts between trades and ensures constructability.

How it works


01 / 05

Concept Pre-design & Preparation

In this stage, all the necessary data points, MEP details, building and floor plans, CAD drawings, structural information and other vital project data will be collected by our expert team for an internal review.

02 / 05

BIM Execution plan(PxP) Generation

Similar to an RFI, a BIM Execution Plan will be drafted together with multiple stakeholders to define and document the project objectives, constraints, information exchange protocols, timelines, processes, and development phases.

03 / 05

Project Kickoff & Milestone Mapping

The approved BxP will be shared with the construction, architecture and engineering units to facilitate seamless coordination and communication on all deliverables. Once shared, the model generation process for the project will be kick started.

04 / 05

Design Analysis & Clash Detection

Once the complex BIM model has been created, inference checks and coordination reviews will be run to test the functionality of the project and resolve clashes in the building plan. This stage is crucial, and helps avoid long-term project conflicts.

05 / 05

Review, Renovation & Delivery

Once diagnostic investigations have been implemented, structural modifications, architectural modifications and MEP rearrangement can be carried out based on feedback from the multiple stakeholders for a final model of the BIM project

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