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Civil Engineering

Define, Design, Develop and Deliver

Gsource Technologies is a leading provider of design and drafting services for civil engineering. We specialize in urban engineering, land development, home buildings, road networks, and water resources. These are all supported by expert technicians who understand design and architecture. Our services are fast, accurate, cost-effective, and tailored to each client's custom specifications, utilizing the latest CAD technology.

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Civil Engineering Design Services
Civil Engineering Urban Design

Urban Engineering

Urban design encompasses everything necessary for engineering a city. We help with designs that include streets, sidewalks, street lighting, sewers, and water supply networks using software such as Civil 3D, Microstation, and Infraworks. In addition, we perform urban engineering coordination with all relevant stakeholders, such as local civic authorities, third-party architects, and project managers.

civil engineering design and drafting for land development

Land Development

We offer in-depth CAD, engineering design, and drafting services on the available terrain and the surrounding area. The best land utilization requires a cohesive understanding of how it can be developed for different projects. We can also help with the local county that will need updates of cadastral maps for county boundaries and tax.

drafting and design services for home buildings

Home Buildings

We offer drafting and design services for home buildings of various sizes through the creation of plot plans, formboards, and finals on CAD softwares. With our thorough understanding of building layouts and how to model them, we work to seamlessly integrate our services into each client’s specific standards and specifications.

Civil Engineering Consultancy for road network

Road Network

Planning road networks are necessary for civil and urban engineering. We use the latest technologies, such as Civil 3D, Microstation, and Infraworks to design cost-effective road network designs and to simulate driving through corridors to evaluate sight distance and influence analysis. With Gsource, we facilitate the entire planning and design phase based on best practices from the industry.

drafting and design services for water resources

Water Resources

This is a combination of many specialized fields related to water resources engineering. Gsource helps provide Civil3D design experts in hydrology, environmental science, and meteorology. We understand the constantly shifting demands and requirements due to the level of specialized needs and remain in control of the process as needed.

How our Design process works


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Getting started with Ground work

As part of project onboarding, our internal team will get in touch to understand your specific design and drafting requirements. A project plan with timelines and milestones will be created for easier communication.

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Accessing & Analyzing Critical Data

Once onboarded, critical project data including but not limited to the permit set of the structure, points files, base files, point clouds, field sketches, site plans and elevation details will be acquired for further analysis. For land & home buildings, geographic data, lot details, point files, aerial photos and point codes will be gathered.

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Design & Drafting

Specific to industry needs and other similar requirements, 2D/3D schematic drawings and designs will be created and provided according to the data set shared, on industry-standard softwares as required.

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On demand value addition

Once the CAD design and drafts are ready, the files will be prepared for more complex detailing like 3D Contours and Topo & BIM compliant models, based on how you want to visualize your project further.

05 / 05

Finishing touches & final delivery

Our expert team will implement 3D and other CAD outputs depending on the finalized scope, and share the files for a first look. Once all feedback has been taken into account, the final files will be delivered in the desired format.

Getting started is easy

Our scope of work covers the more intricate details to help you what you’re looking for.