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A visionary and driving force behind Gsource Technologies calculated dominance in the engineering and technology services domain, Sandeep single-handedly shaped its transition between industries.

With a strong background in sales, technology and customer service, Sandeep founded Gsource in 2009 to disrupt consulting and recruiting across verticals like manufacturing, retail, civil and information technology. Sensing a strong scope for Gsource’s efficiency in the engineering and technology services market in 2013, Sandeep steered it’s pivot from the recruitment industry to the Civil CAD, GIS and technology services market, catering exclusively to North American businesses.

Gsource rose from this transition as a truly global business in 2015, with a strong base in Florida & Ohio, to expand its reach and influence across the American landscape.

Already working with clients across 30 states in the US, Sandeep is spearheading Gsource in the next phase into Mechanical, Drone Data Processing, Industrial Design & creating customized NLP based applications. Sandeep is now working his magic a second time around, with Gsource Technologies penetrating the LiDAR market under his able leadership, all poised to raise the stakes in 2024.

Sandeep Mahadik

Founder & Managing Director


Sandeep Mahadik, Founder, Gsource Technologies (Est 2009) is the perfect example of success comes to those who are not afraid of failing. In conversation with the visionary whose remarkable business transition skills and a keen eye for opportunity are absolutely worth learning and taking inspiration from..

Jayesh has joined Gsource as Vice President - Business Transformation, reporting to the Owner - Sandeep Mahadik, and helping stabilising Operations and expand relationships on all our accounts. Jayesh earned his Engineering Degree followed by a PG-DBA in Business Administration from the ICFAI in 2009 and has more than 19 years of experience in the American BFSI sector.

Jayesh comes to us from BancTec where he served as a Senior Vice President and helped improve his Organisation's revenues and efficiency. Jayesh was an avid footballer who represented the state during his prime and now he loves watching football leagues. When he’s not working, he loves travelling and has travelled to almost 40 countries until now. His love for wildlife and nature comes naturally.

He is available even on the weekends but if you are not able to reach him on his cell phone, he is probably sitting around in a jungle, cheering wildlife. We’re excited to see him apply his industry experience and first-class education to help grow our business and ensure continuous growth for the Organisation!

Jayesh Dave

VP - Business Transformation

Managing human resources is something that comes naturally to Sarika Patil. Sarika is an accomplished HR leader with a plethora of experience in the domain. Before devoting her full-time work with Gsource Technologies, Sarika successfully managed HR practices at Capgemini and Accenture. She managed corporate HR, recruitment, talent management, global talent acquisition and placements in her profound career span of over 10 years. She holds a bachelor's degree from Mumbai University, and an MBA in HR from ITM.

Backed by extensive experience with global corporations, Sarika has been able to streamline HR practices & policies, create processes & manage operations at Gsource Technologies to ease the functions of HR.

In addition to being a Director of HR, Sarika is a mother to a baby daughter. While juggling between motherhood and profession, Sarika knows figuring out ways to remain productive without busy work and long hours, yet spend quality time with the baby. Sarika likes travelling, and venturing out to places that have been the least visited ones. Her fond memories are of the travels she did as a kid to the remote Amba ghats and the foothills of the Himalayas. Her goals are to pursue hiking as a hobby and extend it to a profession in the long run.

Sarika Patil

Director - Human Resource

One of the founding pillars of Gsource Technologies, Pavan's association with Gsource goes back to the year 2012. Ever since he joined Gsource, he has shown great commitment towards learning and adopting new technologies and methodologies with great success. His calming nature makes every project a cakewalk, and most of our clients know him as the Solutionist! Pavan is extremely modest, practical, calm, trustworthy & an approachable human being. From training and building new resources pools, learning new processes, creating standardized documents, creating project management tools, identifying threats, a little bit of human resource and technology to helping the management with planning and budgeting, he does it all!

Pavan secured first class in his bachelor’s in computer science. He has plans to complete a certification course in project management from a prestigious university in the US by the end of 2023. Pavan loves going out hiking over the weekends with his friends and family. His most endeavored places have been the Western Ghats.

Pavan Mulik

Chief of Engineering

Rahul graduated from Pune university and jumped straight into a 17-year long career increasing revenue for a wide range of companies. While he’s now working as Head of Inside Sales for Gsource Technologies, in the past he’s assisted on every rung of the company ladder, including with company presidents, the marketing department and with the board of directors.

It’s his specialisation in change management, leadership development and the development of marketing strategies which has seen his career go from strength to strength. At Gsource, he is highly valued as a robust problem solver with a talent for optimising business performance.

Rahul Mahadik

Executive Director

Mr. Prabodh Anjal is an experienced Director of Architecture with 20+ years of hands-on experience in various industries including residential, commercial, healthcare, educational, and government facilities. Prabodh received his Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2002 from SSSM's College of Architecture in Solapur. He also has a knack for designing proper architectural projects. While architecture is his primary focus.

Prabodh is also known for his involvement in several social causes such as donating blood and clothes. When he's not working or giving back to the community, he's a passionate cricketer and a member of various cricket teams. He also enjoys exploring new places on his bike, indulging in pure veg food, and listening to music and watching action-packed movies. At Gsource, Prabodh is an attentive listener and sometimes observer. He loves working with a team till the very end of a project while remaining error-free and giving 100% effort. Prabodh is very hard-working and honest.

Prabodh Anjal

Director of Architecture

As Senior IT Manager, Sandeep operates at the heart of Gsource Technologies’ all-important IT infrastructure. Luckily, with over 12 years of experience in the field, he’s more than qualified for the role. Sandeep works to ensure that the company’s database is 100% secure and the team’s software is up-to-date, thereby helping the company maintain its high standards.

When not working, Sandeep can be found pursuing the art of photography and exploring new places, sometimes both at the same time!

Sandeep Kalachattil

Senior IT Manager

Mandanna Cariappa

GM - HR Operations

Christopher Apinis

Office Manager

Biney Bhat

Business Development Manager

Yashodeep Patil

Business Development Executive

Sandeep Dhage

Senior Manager CAD Services

Sumant Joshi

Manager - Quality & training

Manas Bhayani

Team Leader - BIM

Sagar Katgar

Manager - Design & Engineering

Kiran Dedge

Manager - CAD Services

Prasanna Mittimani

Manager Technical Operations

Harshad Marne

Team Leader - CAD Services

Mayur Pullakwar

Team Leader - CAD Services

Govind Kolhe

Team Leader - CAD Services

Arun Chavan

Team Leader - CAD Services

Renu Labhe

Design Manager – AEC Services

Rahul Mehtter

Assistant Manager - Building Envelope Engineering

Akshay Lad

Senior Team Lead 

Rahul Gore

Team Leader

Pratik Pandey

Product Manager

McKinsey Duquette

Associate - Client Relations

Tejasvini Tichukale

Assistant Team Leader

Rohit Gajmal

Assistant Team Leader

Mahadev Mulik

Assistant Team Leader

Pooja Dhumal

Assistant Team Leader

Vikas Joshi

Technical Lead

Radhika Kondapure

Assistant Team Leader

Abhishek Temkar

Assistant Team Leader

Vaishali Shinde

Assistant Team Leader

Pankaj Ghuge

Assistant Team Leader

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