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Lidar & Photogrammetry

Establishing itself as a leader in the rapidly advancing field of geospatial services, Gsource is particularly recognized for its proficiency in Lidar and Photogrammetry conversion within the U.S. Our service offerings encompass an extensive array of photogrammetry and lidar solutions, each carefully designed to meet the unique needs of our respected clients across the U.S. and Canada.

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Beyond this, Gsource has carved out a distinctive space within the industry. We have been integral in the development of machine learning-based post-processing applications, marking our commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology to enhance our services. In addition to this, we provide a variety of vital services that include annotations, labeling, and 2D CAD linework conversions.

Through these diverse offerings, Gsource not only meets the immediate needs of our clients but also anticipates future trends and requirements, ensuring we remain at the forefront of industry advancements. This forward-thinking approach has positioned us as a trusted partner in the geospatial services sector, standing ready to support our clients' success with innovative and reliable solutions.

Point Cloud Processing

Versatility and Insight

Our expertise extends beyond merely handling diverse data sources. We excel at transforming complex, raw data into actionable insights, enabling our clients to make well-informed decisions. When you choose Gsource, you're not just opting for a service provider but partnering with a collaborator who is deeply committed to your success.

Lidar Technology Expertise

With Lidar technology, we showcase unmatched proficiency, adeptly managing a wide array of post-processed outputs. Regardless of whether these outputs originate from Aerial, Mobile, Drones, or Terrestrial methodologies, we approach them all with equal expertise.

Our Lidar processed outputs include:

  • Point Cloud Processing
  • Point Cloud Classifications
  • Digital Terrain and Surface Models
  • 3D Modeling and web viewers
  • Feature Extractions
  • Scan to BIM
  • Roads and Powerline Models
  • Utility Mapped Models
  • PIM - Product Information Modeling
  • Component Models
  • Asset Library Creations
  • 2D Plans and Schematic Drawing Creation

Photogrammetry Services

The growth of drone photogrammetry and the drone industry has been significantly driven by the increasing application of photogrammetry, particularly in land surveying and civil industries. Our data processing teams have garnered considerable experience working on vast amounts of photogrammetry data from industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

Our Photogrammetry processed outputs include:

  • Surface Models
  • 2D Linework
  • CAD Conversions
  • Automated Contours
  • Topo Creation
  • Manual Contours
  • Point Cloud Classifications
  • Projection Rectification
  • Dense to Sparse Analysis
  • Labeling and Annotations
drone photogrammetry

Specialized Services

Gsource provides specialized services in lidar and photogrammetry. These are invaluable tools for professional land surveyors, architects, general contractors, civil engineers, and individuals operating in the manufacturing and industrial design sectors. Our offerings include precise data modeling, development of innovative digital twins, and creation of comprehensive federated models.

Regardless of whether your needs lie in building engineering and construction, land-use and planning, or product information modeling, Gsource is prepared to meet them. We are committed to being your trusted partner for Lidar and Photogrammetry conversions, delivering reliable, high-quality solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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How it works


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Initial Client Consultation

At Gsource, our process begins with an initial call with the client. This crucial step involves understanding the specific requirements and scope of the project. During this consultation, we gather all necessary data, including raw Lidar or Photogrammetry files, site specifications, project timelines, and any unique project constraints. Our expertise spans across diverse data sources, and we excel at transforming complex raw data into actionable insights. This comprehensive understanding forms a strong foundation for tailoring our approach to best suit your project.

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Scope Definition with Sales and Operations Team

Following the initial consultation, our Sales and Client Relations team liaises with our Operations team. This collaboration involves a detailed discussion about the project requirements, analysis of the gathered data, and setting up a defined workflow. The goal is to ensure that the project requirements are accurately conveyed and understood. This interdepartmental collaboration ensures that the operations team fully understands the project scope and client expectations, fostering a harmonious working relationship aimed at achieving the project goals.

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Execution by Operations Team

Armed with a clear understanding of the project scope, our Operations team gets to work. They utilize their expertise in Lidar technology and Photogrammetry to process the gathered data and transform it into valuable outputs. These outputs can range from Point Cloud Processing, Digital Terrain and Surface Models, 3D Modeling, Feature Extractions, Scan to BIM, Roads and Powerline Models, Utility Mapped Models, PIM - Product Information Modeling, Component Models, Asset Library Creations, to 2D Plans and Schematic Drawing Creation. They also handle Photogrammetry processed outputs such as Surface Models, 2D Linework, CAD Conversions, Automated Contours, Topo Creation, Manual Contours, Point Cloud Classifications, Projection Rectification, Dense to Sparse Analysis, and Labeling and Annotations.

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Feedback and Finalization

Once the proposed deliverables are ready, we share them with the client for feedback. We believe in maintaining an open line of communication with our clients throughout the project, ensuring transparency and seamless execution. Upon receiving feedback, we make the necessary revisions to ensure that the final product aligns perfectly with your expectations. At Gsource, our commitment extends beyond providing superior geospatial services - we aim to be your trusted partner, helping you achieve successful project outcomes with our technical expertise and swift turnaround times.

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