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Gsource Technologies takes pride in a potent team of competent engineers, skilled in managing multifaceted, large-scale projects. A key facet of our work centers around utility design, an area often presenting challenges to our clients. We offer a variety of engineering design and drafting services for utilities, encompassing the creation of intricate utility line drawings and 3D models, plotting utility pole locations, and formulating detailed plans for new infrastructure installation. We hold a specialty in developing as-built drawings of current utility infrastructure, which are instrumental in future project planning. In addition, we extend these services to gas and electric infrastructures, as well as wastewater and water treatment plants.

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Underground Utilities

Since our establishment, we have maintained a balanced workforce of engineering design and drafting professionals with a wealth of experience in underground utility projects. Our expertise extends to addressing specific issues such as identifying overlaps in water or sewer lines and aiding on-site surveying professionals by digitizing historical data. This approach not only streamlines their tasks but also mitigates the potential for additional work.

Over time, Gsource has refined its ability to pinpoint problem areas in underground utilities, providing valuable insights into on-site challenges through meticulous research of land data. We are committed to delivering accurate CAD models, reinforcing our position as a trusted partner to companies requiring CAD support in underground utility design. Our services continually prove to be an invaluable asset in the realm of underground utility design.

Water Storage Networks Design

Designing Water Storage Networks

We specialize in crafting intricate drawings for wastewater and water treatment plants, encompassing both the current and proposed infrastructure. This includes the schematic representation of the plant, placement of pipes, pumps, and other equipment, and all existing or intended structures. Additionally, our drawings can encapsulate the topographical details of the area, pinpoint the location of any existing or planned roads, and denote the positioning of present and proposed utilities.

Electric and Gas Infrastructure Design

Electric and Gas Infrastructure

Gas and electric are among the primary utility sectors globally. With a world population of 7.5 billion as of 2023, it's astounding to contemplate the daily distribution management undertaken by these utility companies. Those firms that engage Gsource often require consistent updates to their existing gas pipe networks based on city or county-specific needs or in response to natural disasters. Projects typically involve updating new shop drawings of fresh pipe layouts, generating sections and elevations, laying out electrical systems, conduits, and crafting schematic plans.

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Initial Consultation with the Client

We initiate our process with a comprehensive discussion with the client. This step helps us understand the specific requirements of the project, including utility design parameters, infrastructure details, and any unique challenges. We gather essential information about existing and proposed structures, topographical details, road layouts, and current and future utilities.

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Scope Definition with Sales and Operations Team

Following the initial consultation, our Sales and Client Relations team collaborates with our Operations team. The goal is to translate the project requirements into a clear and actionable plan. This interdepartmental collaboration ensures that the operations team fully understands the project scope and client expectations.

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Execution by Operations Team

With the project scope clearly outlined, our Operations team gets to work. They leverage their expertise in utility design, creating intricate utility line drawings, 3D models, and detailed plans for new infrastructures. The team also specializes in developing as-built drawings of current utility infrastructure, which are crucial for future project planning. They apply their skills to handle various aspects of utility design, from underground utilities and storm/sanitary sewers to water pipelines, water storage networks, and aqueducts network CAD plans. The team also provides support for electric and gas infrastructure projects and pressure pipe network and pipe network gravity systems.

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Feedback and Finalization

Once the proposed deliverables are ready, we share them with the client for feedback. Maintaining an open line of communication with our clients is vital to us, ensuring transparency and smooth execution of the project. Upon receiving feedback, we make the necessary revisions to ensure that the final product meets the client's expectations. Our commitment at Gsource extends beyond providing superior CAD design and drafting services - we aim to be your trusted partner, helping you achieve successful project outcomes with our technical expertise and swift turnaround times.

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