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Envision your design with architectural CAD


At Gsource Technologies, we have a dedicated approach to providing precise architectural drafting services to construction architects, contractors, builders, and land developers. Our end-to-end CAD drafting services are supported by a rigorous process and a team of domain experts to ensure both accuracy and efficiency. Our commitment to delivering high-quality, customized solutions for our clients sets us apart and makes us a trusted partner in the industry.

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Architectural CAD Drafting
Exterior Architectural Design


Our exterior architectural design team specializes in creating unique and innovative designs for outdoor spaces. They provide a range of services, from concept design to construction drawings, to help clients create the perfect outdoor space. Their services include landscape design, hardscape design, 3D modeling, and construction drawings.

Interior Architectural Design Solutions


We offer an extensive array of interior architectural design solutions tailored to your requirements. Our seasoned professionals, proficient in the latest software and technology, guarantee the impeccable completion of your project. Our team excels in crafting 3D models, intricate sketches, and schematic drawings for your venture.

Our architecture services come with more than
one advantage

Our civil 3D and revit trained expert internal team will communicate directly with your architects and engineers to

collate important Structural, MEP and survey data and develop highly accurate 3d models. from dwg/dgn, orthophotos

and point cloud data to pdfs, we analyze all formats of data.

Improved Data Management in Architectural Design

Improved Data Management

Less developmental risk in Architectural Design

Less developmental risk

Effective cost analysis in Architectural Design

Effective cost analysis

High level of detailing in architectural drafting

Level of detail

Why us?

Simplify construction and reworking with efficient 3D rendering,

construction documentation and intelligent structural design.

 holistic project management approach

Super Streamlined Project Management

Leverage the power of BIM, 3D rendering, and visualizations for a holistic project management approach that checks all boxes and continually places all stakeholders on the same page.

Sustainable Architectural Design & Construction

Sustainable Design & Construction

Our AEC services are equipped to add a layer of intelligence to your existing processes, for a highly sustainable approach that maximizes building performance in a data-driven manner.

Innovative Design Process

Innovative from field to finish

With rigorous documentation of every small technical or aesthetic detail, we’ll ensure that no part of the project is lost in translation throughout the design, analysis and construction stages.

smarter design decisions

Data Driven Analysis & Simulation

From site analysis to MEP visualizations and clash detection, leverage the power of cutting edge technology to create highly realistic simulations that facilitate smarter design decisions.

 efficient project outcomes though architectural services

Experience efficient project outcomes

Increase your project efficiency through intelligent resource usage and cost-effective processes, with an added focus on environmental impact and sustainability through our AEC services.

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