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Comprehensive process flow diagram design and

management services.

Like our P&ID designs, our PFD designs depict a broader overhead view of the interconnection of industrial process equipment. Our process flow diagrams adhere to international standards and consider all regulatory and safety requirements. Our PFDs depict industrial process equipment's interconnection, including pipe sizes, flow directions, intersection design, corridor modeling, and equipment identification.

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process flow diagram design

Gsource's experienced engineers utilize CAD technology to provide comprehensive process flow diagram design and management services. Our PFDs clearly depict the interconnection of industrial process equipment, including pipe sizes, flow directions, intersection design, corridor modeling, and equipment identification.

We can produce PFDs for a variety of complex pipe networks, including waste water plants and drainage utilities.

Process Flow Depiction

Our team, utilizing cutting-edge technology, creates PFDs that meet international standards for use across multiple engineering fields, ensuring compliance with regulatory and safety requirements. Gsource's expertise in mechanical design across various industries allows us to exceed your PFD requirements.

What we do


Process Flow Depiction

Accurate depiction of process flow is crucial to prevent damage to the system. Therefore, our technicians ensure proper flow direction is incorporated in the design.


Equipment Identification

Proper equipment identification is just as important as the process flow diagram itself. We understand the importance of clearly demonstrating all elements and their interconnections.


Pipe Sizing and Identification

The use of piping in industrial plants is dependent on temperature and pressure, and not all applications are the same. Our experienced technicians take this into account while creating detailed drawings.


Physical Sequence

The arrangement of system components greatly impacts the outcome of a process. Therefore, we work with the correct physical sequence and unique identifiers for optimal results.


Start-up and Flush Lines

We can address even the smallest challenges with access to state-of-the-art technology and extensive PFD experience. Our PFDs also include detailed information on start-up and flush lines.


Computer Control Systems

In the age of digitization, computer controls are essential. However, incorrect input can lead to flawed output. Therefore, we ensure the correct sequence is used to achieve optimal results.


Assembly Drawings

In addition to other references and items specified by clients, input/output analysis and control of the PFD is crucial. Therefore, we work closely with clients and their teams to develop effective input and output monitoring.

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How it works


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Plant process modification

We play a critical role in modifying the plant process by taking care of equipment sizing, process specifications, and defining control and safety devices.

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Providing a comprehensive overview of the design helps clients quickly identify and rectify any operational issues, reducing delay and cost.

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Safety & Regulation Compliance

As with any plant requirement, our experts ensure compliance with safety and regulatory standards in the PFD design and management process.

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Improving plant efficiency

Our PFDs provide an overall understanding of the plant's interconnections, enabling our clients to optimize their operations and improve efficiency.

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Predicting and preventing problems

By clearly depicting the process flow and equipment interconnections, our PFDs help predict and prevent potential problems before they occur.

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Facilitating Maintenance & Repair

Our PFDs provide detailed information on equipment and piping, making it easier for maintenance and repair teams to access the information they need.

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Enhancing team collaboration

Our PFDs promote collaboration between different teams and departments by providing a clear and comprehensive understanding of the plant's operations.

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