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Scan to BIM

Create a detailed digital replica of your project

Through our Scan to BIM services, we seize point cloud information and construct highly precise BIM models. Catering to the needs of architects, primary contractors, and retailers, our service spans across the entire project duration. Construct as-built BIM models from 3D data points garnered from laser scanning for building, remodeling, and retrofitting, and export design data as needed for all phases of implementation.

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Scan to BIM services

The 3D Laser

Scanning Process

Scan to BIM utilizes 3D laser scanning prowess to yield highly adaptable and precise Building Information Management (BIM) models.

During the scanning procedure, preset parameters such as scan resolution and area are inputted into a 3D laser scanner. This device then acquires digital data from the specified environment in a point cloud format, crafting a super-realistic 3D digital model of the determined resolution.

The point cloud information and laser scan subsequently get colorized through photos taken by high-resolution cameras affixed to the scanner, aiding in distinguishing the components in the model.

The Scan to BIM Process

Our internal specialists utilize the unrefined scan data, calibrating it for subsequent use in design applications. In this complex procedure, as-built scan information is employed to generate industrial, structural, and architectural models that display various layers of the integrated 3D model.

Depending on the project's needs, this data can be exported and provided to designers, architects, and engineers for enhancing, revamping, and re-engineering the structure.

Efficiency Meets Precision

Enhance the productivity of your Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) teams and reduce impediments to constructability for all your creative designs with our CAD to BIM services. Real-world limitations often contribute to delays in construction and fabrication for product and architectural design. Efficient CAD to BIM services can help mitigate human error and keep your projects on track. Transitioning your CAD drawings into Building Information Models (BIM) assists in visualizing the fundamental structural and architectural data for simpler analysis, testing, and approval.

In the AEC domain, efficiency is key to maintaining timeliness and averting setbacks that could affect your profitability. By adopting CAD to BIM services, you can lessen constructability bottlenecks and propel your innovative designs. Although real-world constraints frequently result in fabrication and construction delays, effective CAD to BIM services can help counteract human error and expedite the process. By transforming your CAD drawings into BIM, you can envisage the essential structural and architectural details necessary to bring your projects into reality, enabling simpler analysis, testing, and approval. Don't let delays hinder your success - discover the potential of CAD to BIM services today.

The Cad to BIM Process

The procedure of transforming CAD designs into BIM is intricate due to the fact that CAD drawings are 2D technical illustrations and BIM models require a wealth of data for realistically creating a prototype. This process demands proficiency in cross-platform software such as Revit and SketchUp.

How it helps ?

Project Management Team

Project Management Team


Exceptionally productive construction surveying via precise BIM extraction.

Architecture & Design Team

Architecture & Design Team


Enhanced surveying of heritage sites, on-location and base modeling.

Civil & Structural Team

Civil & Structural Team


Efficient and simplified control of structural modeling and dimensions.

Owner, Stakeholders & Developers

Owner, Stakeholders &


Enhanced and streamlined construction administration and facility management.

How it works

At Gsource, we recognize that every project is unique, and our service delivery process is tailored to meet our clients' specific requirements. Our process includes the following steps:


01 / 05

Project KickOff

At this phase, we gather vital details to initiate the process, including Lidar Point Cloud data, Photogrammetry, preferred software, project specifics, any extra site-related info, and client's needs.

02 / 05

Point Cloud to Model Generation

After gathering all essential data and receiving proposal approval, our design team begins extracting the point cloud to form a 3D model using the client's preferred software. The model's detail level, as specified by the client, is crucial in finalizing the 3D structure.

03 / 05

Model to 2D Creation

The client reviews the 3D model generated from the point cloud and upon endorsement, our design team finalizes it. The completed model is then passed to the 2D team for blueprint development.

04 / 05

Final Package Creation

After transforming the intricate BIM model into a 2D layout, our team starts crafting diverse sheets and blueprints based on client needs. We guarantee that all plans are precise, all-encompassing, and attend to crucial details.

05 / 05

Review, Renovation & Delivery

After thorough review by our internal quality assurance team and clients, we address client-specified items, gearing up for final delivery. Our team offers tailored solutions to any concerns or alterations proposed by clients prior to finalizing the handover.

At Gsource, we strive to provide our clients with a seamless and stress-free experience by delivering high-quality services that cater to their specific requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in delivering your project successfully.

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