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Land Surveying

Accuracy redefined: land surveying services

For more than 14 years, Gsource has been a trailblazer in providing exceptional CAD drafting and designing services for clients in need of land surveying. Our dedication to adopting the latest technology, from traditional surveying methods to innovative lidar and photogrammetry techniques, has consistently driven our clients' success. By staying ahead of the curve in these emerging fields, we have helped our clients carve out a specialized niche in the marketplace.

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Land Surveying Services
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Broad Portfolio

Our broad portfolio is a vivid demonstration of our adaptability, featuring projects of varying scales. Our experienced team is proficient in processing final deliverables from diverse data inputs, encompassing Drone Photogrammetry, various forms of LiDAR (including terrestrial, mobile, and UAVs), and ground-obtained GPS/GNSS data.

Delivering over 800 surveying CAD file products daily, one can only marvel at the efficiency and precision of operations at Gsource. Our adaptability and unwavering commitment to excellence have positioned us as the partner of choice for a significant number of surveying firms across the US.

We are capable of handling data from traditional surveying equipment like total stations, as well as advanced surveying data gathering tools, transforming any format into your desired CAD file. Our expertise spans across Civil, Geospatial, Architectural, and Structural domains, resulting in superior final products compared to most outsourcing firms.

Extensive Range of Services

Our CAD services for land surveying are all-encompassing, covering the length and breadth of the US. With a deep understanding of the historical significance of surveying methodologies from the northern to the southern parts of the country, our teams have honed their expertise in this field. Our services include:

  • Pre-processing and post-processing of point cloud data.
  • Generating contours, topos, and ground point classifications.
  • Capable of conducting photogrammetry or Lidar-based surveys.
  • Creating 2D CAD linework, labels, text, flood maps, site maps, and legal descriptions.
  • Applying Slope Analysis and Triangulation methods.
  • Building digital surface models and terrain models.
  • Specializing in Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Surveying
  • Designing precise CAD maps using research from legal descriptions, schedule B items, and title insurance documents.

Assistance with CAD Drafting

We extend our support to surveying clients across a wide range of surveys, such as

CAD Drafting - ALTA/NSPS


CAD Drafting - Boundary Surveys

Boundary Surveys

CAD Drafting - Topographic Maps

Topographic Maps

CAD Drafting - Residential Lots

Residential Lots

CAD Drafting - Subdivisions Platting and Zoning

Subdivisions Platting and Zoning

CAD Drafting - Construction Stake Outs

Construction Stake Outs

CAD Drafting - Utility Surveys

Utility Surveys

CAD Drafting - Fiber Optics and Cabling

Fiber Optics and Cabling

CAD Drafting - Telecommunication


CAD Drafting - Demolition and Remodeling Surveys

Demolition and Remodeling Surveys

CAD Drafting - Underground & Above Ground Surveys

Underground & Above Ground Surveys

CAD Drafting - Metes & Bounds Surveys

Metes & Bounds Surveys

Here's why you should choose us for all your surveying needs:


Esteemed Reputation

Our expertise is widely recognized and sought after by both large national roll-out firms and smaller teams keen to harness our knowledge and experience.


Innovative Tech Solutions

We leverage state-of-the-art technology, boasting an in-house Python-based processing engine for post-processing drone photogrammetry, complemented by AI-based lidar data processing systems.


Capable R&D Team

Our robust R&D team is equipped to handle massive datasets, a task that other outsourcing companies might find daunting.


Additional Offerings

Our services go beyond creating detailed drawings. We also offer value-added services like creating 3D models of the land, contour maps, orthomosaic maps, and digital elevation models.


Accurate Results

We utilize the data to create topographic maps, calculate volumes, and measure distances, guaranteeing the final deliverable is impeccably accurate.


Experienced Team

Our team's extensive experience and expertise set us apart. Our training programs are among the industry's finest. With a team of 300 staff members working from our 30,000 square foot Class A office spaces, we're able to ensure top-tier results.


Association with Prestigious Bodies

We are proud members of national and international surveying and geospatial bodies like FSMS, NJSPLS, TSPS, GEOWEEK etc., thus maintaining high standards of service and staying updated with the latest trends and advancements in the field.


Empowering the Land Surveying Industry

Gsource has been at the forefront of supporting land surveying companies throughout the US, contributing significantly to the industry's success. We have assisted businesses of all sizes in increasing their annual volumes while maintaining superior quality standards.

Required Documents for Project Understanding

To actualize your project, we require the following documents and templates:

Documents for Project Understanding - Permits


Documents for Project Understanding - Points Files

Points Files

Documents for Project Understanding - Dase Files

Dase Files

Documents for Project Understanding - Point Clouds

Point Clouds

Documents for Project Understanding - Plat Maps

Plat Maps

Documents for Project Understanding - Field Sketches

Field Sketches

Documents for Project Understanding - Site Plans

Site Plans

Documents for Project Understanding - Elevation Details

Elevation Details

Documents for Project Understanding - Geographic Data

Geographic Data

Documents for Project Understanding - Title Insurance Documents

Title Insurance Documents

Documents for Project Understanding - Lot Details

Lot Details

Documents for Project Understanding - Aerial Photos

Aerial Photos

Documents for Project Understanding - Legal Descriptions

Legal Descriptions

Documents for Project Understanding - Deeds


By furnishing these crucial pieces of information, we can create a thorough and precise representation of your project. We look forward to collaborating with you and elevating your project to unprecedented heights.

How it works


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Project Initialization

Before diving into a project, our drafting managers arrange a call to discuss your specific land surveying requirements. This includes understanding the type of survey needed, location details, requirements from the Title company, and preferred data acquisition methods. We consider all the specifics such as Site Location, prior surveys, county maps, legal descriptions, CAD templates, land use, utilities, OHE, and underground utilities. Armed with this comprehensive information, we collaboratively outline a strategic plan for the project.

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Role of Operations Department

Our proactive Operations department develops a tailored plan based on the estimated volume of work you'll provide during a specific period - be it a week, month, or quarter. Once we have a grasp of your volume, our Ops team allocates team leaders, quality checkers, and drafters accordingly. Our Quality department collaborates closely with your managers to agree on initial quality metrics and then establishes a quality-check template that remains in effect until new updates are incorporated. Rest assured, all our jobs undergo rigorous QC verification based on the approved quality templates.

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Technology Engagement

Our Technology department works hand-in-hand with the Operations department to address any technical challenges that may arise in specific projects. This is particularly relevant for lidar or photogrammetry projects that occasionally encounter issues like point cloud projection, classification and splicing of massive point clouds, or software compatibility. Our tech team ensures that no such issues hinder your project's progress or lead to unnecessary delays.

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Final Deliverables

We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality final products in CAD and PDF formats. Prior to seeking client reviews, we conduct thorough quality checks on our deliverables. Upon receiving feedback, we carry out any necessary revisions to ensure that the final output aligns perfectly with your expectations. Delivering nothing but the best is our commitment to you.

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