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Leverage our technological know how to create GIS applications across web and mobile platforms.

Develop, manage and customize your applications, backed by a highly accomplished team of engineers, developers and specialists. Gsource helps you identify, automate and build intelligent solutions for time consuming and redundant tasks through our versatile technology division.

Integrate the latest in geospatial technologies through multiple development platforms, including C++, Java, .NET and COM. Experience highly efficient application development on ESRI and other GIS software platforms.

Gsource undertakes server creation, management and administration on open source and regular platforms, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, PostgreSQL, Informix and IBM DB2.

Database Administration

Build databases across multiple platforms like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2 and Informix, and other open source platforms as well. Capture, store and manage LIDAR point cloud data through our database administration service, to create a highly detailed GIS architecture that's easier to access, assess and analyze. Our Point Cloud Support on GIS : Creating 3D models with orthophotos, DEMs, scans and LIDAR point cloud data, creating aerial triangulations, DEMs and DTMs.

Data Analysis and Processing

At Gsource, we understand the importance of organizing data the right way. That's exactly why we intricately structure and segment your LIDAR data through accurate classifications, colors, and elevations to generate a real-world representation of your information. Get LIDAR points recorded in LAS format, tuned for integration with a whole lineup of datasources including AutoCAD Map 3D, Autodesk Recap, KML/KMZ, Shapefile, ArcCatalog, ArcScene, and ArcMap. Don't believe us! Download our samples to check out our previous work. Contact Us for innovative support in all your GIS DBMS requirements.


Our scope of work covers the more intricate details to help you find what you’re looking for.

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