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Streamlining Fabrication Support for Signage Design

Fabrication Support for Signage Design


Gsource Technologies, renowned for its prowess in the design and fabrication industry, consistently rises to meet challenges head-on. In this detailed case study, we explore a significant project where Gsource undertook the task of resolving a pressing backlog issue for one of its esteemed clients in the United States.

Problem Statement

Our client, a leading player in the signage design domain, faced a formidable challenge. Their backlog of projects, primarily centered around Solidworks-based fabrication support for the pylon, monument, and custom sign designs, had reached alarming proportions. This backlog threatened project timelines, customer satisfaction, and overall operational efficiency. Further compounding the challenge was a shrinking pool of Solidworks professionals available to handle these intricate tasks.


  1. Backlog Buildup: The backlog had grown to a point where it jeopardized the client’s ability to meet commitments, causing project delays and customer dissatisfaction.

  2. Limited Solidworks Resources: The scarcity of Solidworks professionals further exacerbated the problem, making it increasingly challenging to address the backlog efficiently.


Gsource Technologies, known for its adaptability and well-equipped workforce, embarked on a mission to deliver a tailored solution:

  1. Resource Expansion: Gsource maintains a dedicated team of 20-25 Solidworks designers who possess proficiency in fabrication shop drawings for signage. In addition, they have a skilled cadre of mechanical engineers well-versed in meeting structural requirements. This formidable resource pool empowered Gsource to swiftly allocate the required talent to the client’s projects.

  2. Dedicated Support: Recognizing the criticality of addressing the backlog promptly, Gsource went the extra mile by offering dedicated resources to the client. These professionals, equipped with a profound understanding of Solidworks intricacies, worked tirelessly to methodically eliminate the backlog. Their commitment to the client’s success was unwavering.

Key Outcomes:

The outcomes of this strategic collaboration were nothing short of remarkable:

  1. The client’s backlog, a persistent hindrance to their operations, was not only addressed but efficiently cleared, allowing for the timely completion of projects that had been stalling.

  2. The introduction of dedicated resources from Gsource not only resolved the existing backlog but also bolstered the client’s capacity to manage future projects seamlessly.

  3. An unexpected yet highly rewarding outcome was an evident spike in client satisfaction due to the punctual delivery of projects and the enhancement of fabrication support.

Client Testimonial

Gsource Technologies emerged as our savior when we were swamped by a backlog. Their dedication and proficiency in Solidworks and fabrication support were awe-inspiring.

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