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Efficiency Meets Creativity: How Gsource Technologies Delivered 300+ Brand Books in Record Time

Gsource Technologies Delivered 300+ Brand Books in Record Time


Gsource Technologies, a renowned design firm in the United States, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of design. When faced with an ambitious challenge from one of their clients, they once again showcased their ability to deliver exceptional results under demanding circumstances.

Problem Statement

The client, a major corporation seeking to revamp its brand identity across multiple divisions, presented Gsource Technologies with a formidable challenge. They required over 300 extensive brand-book designs, each tailored to a different division, to be completed within a remarkably tight timeline of just 45 days. This complex and time-sensitive undertaking demanded a strategic and efficient solution to ensure the successful completion of the project.


-The primary challenge revolved around the scale of the project and the limited timeframe:

  1. Scale and Volume: Designing 300+ brand books, each unique to a specific division, was a massive undertaking that required meticulous attention to detail and creativity.

  2. Time Constraint: The client’s stringent deadline of 45 days posed a significant challenge, necessitating streamlined processes and resource allocation.


Gsource Technologies approached this formidable project with determination and a clear strategy:

  1. Rapid Resource Allocation: Recognizing the need for an extensive design team, Gsource swiftly engaged a team of 35-40 experienced signage designers. These designers possessed the expertise and creativity required to tackle the diverse range of brand books.

  2. Client Collaboration: Close collaboration with the client was established from the outset. Gsource’s project managers worked closely with the client’s representatives to understand each division's specific design requirements, brand guidelines, and project objectives.

  3. Streamlined Workflow: Efficiency was paramount in meeting the tight deadline. Gsource Technologies streamlined its design workflow, ensuring that each designer had a well-defined role and that tasks were allocated according to individual strengths. This approach maximized productivity without compromising on quality.

  4. Adaptation to Client Needs: To facilitate real-time revisions and updates, Gsource assigned designers to work in the client’s time zone. This allowed for immediate responses to feedback and ensured that the project remained on track.


Gsource Technologies’ commitment to delivering excellence and innovation led to exceptional results:

  1. All 300+ brand book designs were completed within the stringent 45-day deadline, a testament to Gsource’s unwavering dedication to meeting client expectations.

  2. Despite the scale of the project, each brand book met the highest standards of quality and creativity. Gsource ensured that the unique identity and values of each division were effectively translated into their respective designs.

  3. The decision to assign resources working in the client’s time zone for revisions and updates fostered seamless communication and client satisfaction throughout the project.

Client Testimonial

The scale of our project was daunting, but Gsource’s dedication and resourcefulness made it a breeze. Their ability to adapt to our needs and deliver high-quality brand books within such a tight timeframe is commendable. We are truly satisfied with the results.


This case study exemplifies Gsource Technologies’ exceptional ability to not only take on but also successfully execute a large-scale design project within an incredibly short timeframe. Their dedication to meeting client needs, maintaining high-quality standards, and fostering effective collaboration has once again positioned them as a leader in the design industry.

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