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Architectural Analysis through 2D Technologies

Architectural Analysis through 2D Technologies


Gsource Technologies, a renowned architectural and engineering firm, was entrusted with a challenging project by an already existing property owner in Florida. The owner aimed to expand their house with another floor, highlighting innovation in architectural design. The client’s primary concern was to ensure the structural integrity and safety of this ambitious endeavor. Also, the images in this document illustrate the following process justification for your reference only. To follow our privacy policy, we did not share their actual project images.


  • Complex Architectural Design: The project featured a cutting-edge architectural design with unconventional structural elements, demanding a comprehensive structural analysis.

  • Adherence to local building codes: Florida’s stringent building codes and standards require meticulous compliance to guarantee the building’s safety and legality.

  • Preference for 2D Structural Analysis: The client specifically requested a 2D structural analysis to assess and validate the building’s stability.


Gsource Technologies assembled a proficient team comprising structural engineers and architects with substantial experience in handling complex projects. To address the challenges, they adopted the following approach:

Key Points:

  1. Thorough Site Assessment:: The team conducted an extensive on-site evaluation, taking into account soil conditions, local climate, and the surrounding environment. On the basis of our site assessment, and considering the client's requirements, we are able to create a map for the client. Sharing a reference image below as an example. case2dimage.png

  2. Advanced 2D Analysis Software: Utilizing state-of-the-art 2D structural analysis software, Gsource Technologies meticulously assessed the building’s load-bearing capacity and structural behavior.

  3. Compliance with Codes: Every aspect of the design was scrutinized to ensure compliance with Florida’s building codes and standards.

  4. Iterative Design Optimization: The team collaborated closely with the architects to optimize the design iteratively, making necessary adjustments to enhance stability while preserving the unique architectural aesthetics. 2dblog2n.png

  5. Safety assurance: Rigorous safety assessments and risk analyses were conducted to identify potential weaknesses and propose solutions to mitigate any structural vulnerabilities.


  1. Gsource Technologies successfully provided a comprehensive 2D structural analysis that met the client’s requirements.
  2. The final design received approval from local authorities, complying with all Florida building codes.
  3. The innovative architectural design was preserved while ensuring structural stability, delighting both the client and the architect.

Client Testimonial

Gsource Technologies exceeded our expectations with their 2D structural analysis. They not only ensured our high-rise residential project in Florida met all safety standards but also preserved the unique architectural design we envisioned.

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