Structural Designing

Reinforce your structures with impeccable design and engineering

Design highly elegant and detailed structures of varying complexity and specifications through our innovative structural design services.

Create efficient 2D and 3D structural models that reinforce your projects with a strong core and world class detailing. Good structural design brings together form, function, ease of construction and sustainability in a concentrated effort, and this is reflected in our design processes.

Craft powerful backbones for industrial, commercial and residential projects, and create plans that help EPC firms, fabricators and contractors bring your idea to life. From foundation and roof design to beams, columns, slabs and wooden structures, our detailing and design services cover all the essential parts.

Here’s what our structural design service covers.

What We Do

Our structural designers and detailers are adept at covering all your structural needs, from rebar and steel detailing to 3D modeling for easier visualization.

2D Structural Drafting

3D Structural Modeling

Structural Load Calculation

Structural Element Design

Rebar & Precast Detailing

Steel Detailing

Shop & Fabrication Drawings

Structural Optimization & Analytics

Structural Building Information Modeling

Structural Frame Modelin

Equipped with the best in modeling technology, our in-house experts weave their magic through industry-standard software including Revit, Advance Steel, Tekla and AutoCAD.

Why Choose Us

Engineered to increase your efficiency, reduce costs and optimize project timelines, our scan to BIM services are designed across the board to fit all stakeholder needs. Here’s how.

Globally Recognized Quality

Our design follows all international standards, including AISC, NISD, BSCA, RSIO and OSHA.

Expertise Across Industries

Find intelligent and custom solutions that cover the residential, industrial and commercial sectors.

The Added Advantage of BIM

Our expansive services cover the entire spectrum of BIM modeling and analysis for better clarity.

On Time, Round The Clock

Experience incredibly fast turnaround times and round-the-clock support to stay in the loop.

Centralized Construction Documentation

All our structural plans and construction notes are centrally documented for easier planning.

Cost Effective Construction

Our design and detailing team projects competitive costs for resources and materials.

Absolute Structural Accuracy

Avoid critical human errors through expert modeling, analysis and clash detection.

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