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Your Only 3D Modeling And Mechanical Design Partner
Outsource the best mechanical design services

Is it not uncommon for businesses to struggle to find the right partner who can resolve and take care of all their 3D modeling and mechanical design requirements. This might stagnate the design and development process at the organization. So, what’s the solution? It’s simple - outsource your 3D modeling requirements to us!

At the onset of any project, engineering or mechanical, 3D models of different products, machines, and their various parts are required as they bring out the precision and clarity the firm is looking for. However, inexperienced CAD technicians and designers may hamper the end product to a great extent. At G-Source, we work with highly skilled engineers and designers possessing unbeatable expertise and foresight in the field of 3D part modeling who make sure your design is of supreme quality and it is also cost-effective.

Our 3D part modeling and mechanical design services in different industries such as Aerospace, Transportation, Robotics, Automobile, Consumer Goods, Industrial Equipments, and Heavy Equipment Industries and Manufacturing are a testimony to our skills and expertise. Our deep experience and usage of a state-of-the-art business model and the latest technology help us provide the best results for our customers.

What We Do?

3D Modeling from 2D Drawing

Let us enrich your 2D drawings into clear and high-quality 3D models via our decades of experience in 3D part modeling and mechanical design. We use the 2-dimensional data of your required products and their parts to provide you the best in the market 3D prototypes using the latest software.

Equipment Modeling

As the demand for highly detailed equipment grows amidst increasing complexity, our engineers ensure that your models are adhering to the operations, maintenance, and safety requirements. We work in a manner that increases the efficiency and reduces the costs.

3D Sectional Views

No matter what you are trying to create, sometimes 2-dimensional is simply not enough to understand how a product will function. We take full advantage of our latest 3-dimensional software to create the best 3D sectional views for best understanding.

Piping Modeling

Now you can reverse engineer your incomprehensible and complex 3D models, recover the metadata and modify your designs in whichever alternative you like. We even help produce the CAD model of worn out or damaged pieces.

3D Models With Reverse Engineering

Now you can reverse engineer your incomprehensible and complex 3D models, recover the metadata and modify your designs in whichever alternative you like. We even help produce the CAD model of worn out or damaged pieces.

Assembly Modeling

Assembly modeling is a technology used by CAD and product visualization computer software systems to handle multiple files that represent components in a sequential manner to obtain final product.

Solid Modeling

There’s simply more to solid modeling than presenting solid parts of an object on the computer and we understand that. We work with not only improving the geometric representation of artifacts but also enhance the whole design process.

Electrical Raceways Modeling

Creating an accurate 3D model of the raceways could be challenging for many but not for us. Now create the right 3D model of raceways where elements are easily modified or replaced.

Product Development

We use Unigraphics, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA V5, Solidworks, Creo, CADWorks, and Plant 3D for our product development processes to integrate the best aspects of software and design.

Support Modeling

Our engineers quickly model and design all the supports for your electrical, piping, and other equipment. Our experts save you time and cost.

How It Works

Competitive Prices

Our timely delivery and competitive prices ensure we eliminate expensive alterations to your designs and 3D models.


As CAD modeling experts, we ensure you get the 360-degree bearings of all your components and parts. We also accommodate any modeling requirements with quick turn around.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Our unparalleled software and design capabilities and a fully equipped business model help us deliver over and above clients’ expectations.

Complete Accuracy

Our measurements are 100% reliable and accurate and mitigate the chances of any errors and our designs adhere to the right process and guidelines.

Unique Design Variations

We accommodate different and unique design requirements irrespective of the complexity. Our experts are always charged to take up any challenge.

Best in the Industry

Our skilled designers and engineers are simply the best in the industry and ensure their efforts are optimized such that the project completion is faster than competitors in the market.


Our scope of work covers the more intricate details to help you find what you’re looking for.

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