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Precision and accuracy underline our CAD drafting services, ably backed by an expert CAD Technicians that extensively understands design, architecture and prototyping. Generate, annotate and plot complex CAD drawings that are intricately tailored to your every requirement.G-Source is your one-stop-station for all CAD design and drafting services under the sun.

How our cad process works

Getting Started with
Ground Work

As part of project onboarding, our internal team will get in touch to understand your specific design and drafting requirements. A project plan with timelines and milestones will be created for easier communication.

Accessing & Analyzing
Critical Data

Once onboarded, critical project data including but not limited to the permit set of the structure, points files, base files, point clouds, field sketches, site plans and elevation details will be acquired for further analysis. For land survey drafting, geographic data, lot details, point files, aerial photos and point codes will be gathered.

Design & Digitization
Of Drawings

Specific to CAD conversion and other similar requirements, 2D floorplans and hand drawings will be imported and digitized according to the permit set shared, on industry-standard software like Chief Architect.

On Demand
Value Addition

Once the CAD design and drafts are ready, the files will be prepared for more complex detailing like 3D rendering and visualization, CAD to BIM conversion, and AEC, based on how you want to visualize your project further.

Finishing Touches &
Final Delivery

Our expert team will implement architectural CAD drafting, land survey drafting and other CAD services depending on the finalized scope, and share the files for a first look. Once all feedback has been taken into account, the final files will be delivered in the desired format.

Why work with us?

Here’s why we revolutionize your entire project workflow.

Pinpoint Accuracy & Detailing

With stringent processes that capture critical data and ensure perfection in sizing, alignment, arc curvature, slopes and orientation, our CAD drafting services negate human errors for cleaner drafts.

Simple & Seamless Workflow

Multiple stakeholders in a single project can turn your project files into a jigsaw puzzle. With our end-to-end CAD, AEC, BIM, and rendering services, we create simple, clean and consistent workflows.

An Obsession With Adding Value

Leverage the best that technology has to offer, and visualize your projects with hyper-realistic and immersive 3D rendering and walkthroughs and intricately planned BIM models for efficient and easy construction.

Greater Focus & Flexibility

Engineering and construction can be complicated, so our unique workflow is driven by the need for greater flexibility. Make corrections and modifications in simpler iterations on the go, all within the project timeline.

Assured Additional Compatibility

Experience high levels of compatibility and consistency throughout the project life cycle, thanks to industry standard hardware, software and output formats that make it easier for you to customize the files and elevate your designs.


Our scope of work covers the more intricate details to help you find what you’re looking for.

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