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Our cad conversion services covers multiple verticals

MEP CAD drafting Services

Electrical CAD Drafting Services

Utility CAD Drafting Services

Civil CAD Drafting Services

Land Survey CAD Drafting Services


Get high quality CAD drawings with all revisions recorded, tuned and delivered for maximum customization. Our extensive experience in conversions covers all structures, including stadiums, hospitals, pumping stations, oil refineries, manufacturing facilities, water purification plants, and railway tracks/stations. Our experience in CAD (Computer Aided Design) conversion allows engineers, designers, architects and planners to input existing hand-drawn plan into their CAD system allowing convenient storage, enhancement and modification. This is also known as raster to vector conversion and is available for large or small projects.

Being a CAD Conversion company we do offer cad conversion services to various domain like MEP drafting, Electrical drafting, Utility cad drafting, Civil cad drafting, Oil an Gas industries, Land Survey Architectural Drafting.

At Gsource, we’ve converted files from as old as 1900 for civic authorities in the US, with absolute clarity! Here’s what our CAD conversion service primarily covers:


Convert all raster-based drawings to vector formats, with customized layers color codes, dimension and text styles.


Generate accurate and customized digital versions of scanned drawings and hard copies. Digitize any document, including all image formats, raster-based designs, hand-drawn paper sketches, and scanned drawings saved in PDF. Our CAD wizards digitize engineering drawings and architectural plans with almost 95% accuracy.

We can convert all types of drawings regardless of their condition and size:

Architectural plan conversion

Engineering plan conversion

Mechanical plan conversion

Civil plan conversion

Machine drawings conversion

Historical archives conversion

Construction document conversion

Utility plan conversion    

Site plan conversion

Choose from some of the preferred format conversions our customers regularly demand

MEP CAD drafting Services

Electrical CAD Drafting Services

Utility CAD Drafting Services

Civil CAD Drafting Services

Get accurate CAD conversions from high quality Orthophotos, with zero errors and consistent delivery.

The input we need from you is either original drawings or scanned copies of them sent to us via e-mail. The G-Source team converts these paper or image inputs into an accurate, fully structured CAD or PDF file of the highest quality as per your requirement. We offer a fixed rate per drawing dependent upon size,or alternatively we can quote on an hourly rate if that is more comfortable for our clients.


Our scope of work covers the more intricate details to help you find what you’re looking for.

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