3D Modeling Design

Breathe life into your plans with architectural 3D modeling

Bring your 2D plans to life in photorealistic 3D with our architectural 3D modeling services that are designed to impress. Ideal for residential, industrial and commercial architectural structures. Our in-house 3D modelers recreate hyper-realistic interiors and exteriors for multiple applications.

Our 3D modeling services are aligned towards architects, interior designers, engineers, builders and contractors to help make their workflow more efficient. This modeling technique makes it easier for you to visualize your plans in detail, with windows, doors, elevations, staircase plans, and peripheral objects designed inline with the exact elevation and texture.

Experience the best that technology has to offer in a simple workflow that covers all major industry standard software, including Revit, SketchUp and Chief Architect.

What we do

At G-Source, we explore different approaches to 3D modeling depending on the project requirements and other constraints.

Getting started is simple.

Our experts will understand your project specifications and gather the necessary documentation, including the project plan, moodboard, texture details and elevation details for the architectural structure.

In the case of product or mechanical modeling, the product blueprint and technical specifications will be gathered before the modeling workflow starts.


3D Interior Architectural Modeling

Create highly intricate visualizations of your planned structure, and define the interior of your dream project with absolute clarity without missing a single detail. Every detail etched during the 3D modeling process will be brought to life at the rendering and VR stages.

Explore innovative 3D interior modeling for a wide range of structures including residential spaces, commercial buildings, institutional buildings, and industrial buildings, and create life-like models from 2D floor plans.

Interior architectural modeling allows you to experience the space with photorealistic detailing with natural and artificial lighting, helping you visualize your projects and identify bottlenecks and design concerns well ahead of time.


3D Exterior Architectural Modeling

Showcase your projects in their natural environment with clearly defined public spaces, lawns, roads, and other hardscape elements by leveraging terrain data and construction plans.

Add intricate details through an expansive library that covers hardscapes, plants, furniture, materials, and textures to bring your project to life. Customize the scene with natural lighting that’s derived from geographical data for added accuracy.

Our cutting-edge exterior modeling service showcases the exterior facade of your projects in their unique environment.


3D Mechanical Modeling

Generate prototypes of industrial, engineering, precision and mechanical components, equipment, and automotive parts to create cutting-edge products with incredible accuracy. From CAD modeling and conversion to design, drafting, isometric drawings, assembly, and 3D modeling, our team of experts are equipped to handle the entire pre-production cycle.

Our mechanical 3D modeling service covers 3D surface modeling and 3D CAD modeling.

From design to documentation, cover all your bases and make your workflow more efficient.


3D Product Modeling

Bridge the gap between design and manufacturing through accurate 3D product modeling and rendering. Create highly realistic product models to drive sales and disrupt competition, using raw product data for a highly refined output.

Customize the look and feel of your products right down to the color, texture, and sheen, to create an accurate and functional model that checks all the right boxes.

why choose us?

A Step Beyond Reality

Watch your dream project come alive through meticulously designed photorealistic layouts.

Vivid Virtual Tours

Create detailed virtual tours that highlight the best aspects and facilities of your project.

Easier Course Correction

Well developed 3D models can help identify and correct construction issues before work begins.

Customized 3D Modelling

Customize every design with just a click of the mouse, to craft 3D models that are highly unique.

Integrated Intelligent Insights

Our 3D modeling offer intelligent analytics into structural vibrations, strength and fluid dynamics.

Cost Effective Solutions

Save time, money and effort by over 50% by critically analyzing your models before execution.