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Here’s a brief roundup of the data types our models will incorporate.

How our bim process works

Concept Pre-design &

In this stage, all the necessary data points, MEP details, building and floor plans, CAD drawings, structural information and other vital project data will be collected by our Civil 3D and Revit trained team for an internal review.

BIM Execution Plan
(BxP) Generation

Similar to an RFI, a BIM Execution Plan will be drafted together with multiple stakeholders to define and document the project objectives, constraints, information exchange protocols, timelines, processes, and development phases.

Project Kickoff &
Milestone Mapping

The approved BxP will be shared with the construction, architecture and engineering units to facilitate seamless coordination and communication on all deliverables. Once shared, the model generation process for the project will be kick started.

Design Analysis &
Clash Detection

Once the complex BIM model has been created, inference checks and coordination reviews will be run to test the functionality of the project and resolve clashes in the building plan. This stage is crucial, and helps avoid long-term project conflicts.

Review, Renovation &

Once diagnostic investigations have been implemented, structural modifications, architectural modifications and MEP rearrangement can be carried out based on feedback from the multiple stakeholders for a final model of the BIM project.


Construction is no longer about building vanilla houses and commercial spaces. Building Information Modeling helps you take that plunge from being constructors to a niche combination of creative designers, dependable builders and visionary planners all at one go. Our highly detailed and functional Building Information Models bring together the data from multiple disciplines to give you a realistic representation of your construction projects.

Gsource today has been at the forefront of new technologies that help the AEC industry to complete their projects in a more effective and collaborative way. Software’s like Revit Architecture, Civil 3D and ArchiCAD are some of the most widely used at Gsource for our on going BIM projects. A lot of our clients initially start at Level 0, where data exchange is almost 0, and we help them create their PDF or paper models into 2D CAD drawings. Once this is complete, a 3D model creation is what we move towards, making sure that the model has almost all part of the structure covered, along with the involvement of different parties for a better collaboration.

Whether it is an experienced team, customized solutions, multi-domain experience or fast turnaround with affordable prices that you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

Our teams are well versed with helping our clients assimilate data into one single model and provide models that can go to Level 3 that comes with a complete collaboration. Universally, this is also referred to as "Open BIM".

Whether its Scan to BIM, CAD to BIM, BIM Co-ordination or creating models, Gsource is the right partner for you. Partnering with Gsource will help you reduce your overheads, miscellaneous costs and the investment of time.

Intelligently designed and integrated with critical MEP, Architectural, Structural Fire Fighting Camp; HVAC, GIS and Land Survey data that architects, real estate developers, contractors and other professionals need, our 3D models are highly adaptable. We work with additional dimensions (4D Camp, 5D) that help our customers with time and cost benefits immensely.


Our civil 3D and revit trained expert internal team will communicate directly with your architects and engineers to collate important Structural, MEP and survey data and develop highly accurate 3D models. from dwg/dgn, orthophotos and point cloud data to pdfs, we analyze all formats of data.





Why work with us?

Here’s why we revolutionize your entire project workflow.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Get BIM models that hold enormous data compared to traditional CAD drawing sets and plans, and experience a faster, targeted workflow that digitizes analysis and further development.

Simple & Smoother Collaboration

Packed with functions that makes the workflow intuitive and seamless, our BIM service helps you promote greater communication between teams, set up group reviews and monitor progress.

Clash & Conflict Management

Clash and conflict detection is a primary advantage of the BIM process, and greatly reduces rework-related overheads by identifying potential issues and expensive clashes ahead of time.

Easier Sequencing & Execution

To improve your overall construction efficiency, our team will create accurate submodels that neatly phase out the project cycle, and sequentially divide the process, personnel and resources.

Increased Simulation Support

BIM models make simulations simpler, allowing you to explore multiple ways of visualizing the project, and let clients get a strong understanding of the structural complexity and detailing.


Our scope of work covers the more intricate details to help you find what you’re looking for.

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