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Steel erectors and fabricators optimise detailed drawings for the purpose of using them in the construction of various kinds of structures, right from bridges to buildings. Our 3D model designed with the help of our expert technicians helps come up with a set of clear drawings for steelwork fabrication. These drawings specify particular aspects of the steel structure such as length, size, etc and direct the erectors and fabricators to assemble the parts correctly and efficiently.

At GSource, we use advanced steel software for all steel fabrication requirements that aids in creating accurate drawings, detailing out the minutest of specifications for ease of implementation. Our steel detailers coordinate efficiently with architects, engineers, and fabricators to deliver highly successful outcomes.

Our space equipped with high-end systems and high-performance scanners and plotters combined with our collective experience in Pipe Racks, Complex Commercial Buildings, Hospitals and Medical Buildings, High Rises, Churches, Shopping Centres, Warehouses, Stadiums and Arenas, Refineries, Power Plants, Industrial and Petrochemical Plants, and Heavy Industrial Buildings successfully give us the edge over our competitors.

What we Do


Our steel detailing expertise and decades of combined experience allows us to work in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner for your requirements. By creating a clear and accurate model prior to the construction phase, we save a lot of money and time, thereby enhancing the overall productivity of the project.

Our engineers work with precise detailing and ready to travel to your location to be able to follow the requirement to the 'T'. The models we create have universal usability and can be viewed via any major engineering software.

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Sequencing is one of the most important aspects of the steel detailing process. We strive to provide the exact match lines of the sequences to further detail, fabricate, and erect jobs in the right manner. These sequences typically outline the order in which a particular section or sections of the frame will be erected, to further improve the efficiency of the whole process.

Whether your requirement is long-term or needs to be addressed immediately, our technicians can sketch out the details of these boundaries within a short period of time so you can get started as early as possible.

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No project can take off successfully without proper planning. Most times, patrons struggle to get the right requirements in place and this delays the whole project. But not at GSource! We provide our clients with a material report detailing out everything that’s needed to kick start the plan much in advance, so there are no delays.

We understand the need for following the schedule and since mills can sometimes take months before they roll out the material, we make sure that the ABM is placed right ahead of the requirements.

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To bring accurate drawings to life, it’s imperative that embedded plans are not lost or forgotten as these may be the hardest to identify but are very critical in holding up a structure. And we know the devil’s in the detail - embedded or not. We take into consideration any fill faces, tie and web beams, collision walls, and any piles embedded in concrete while outlining the drawings.

As building constructions have evolved, so has the complexity with which layouts are formulated. Our engineers and drafters are abreast with the latest developments in the industry and understand how to work on complex embedded plans to meet the final successful output.

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CNC, DXF, DSTV, KISS and FABTROL Integration

Our expertise in creating electronic files such as CNC, DXF, DSTV, and KISS allows us the opportunity to customize these to suit your fabrication requirements in real-time. These can be customized for the purposes of cutting plates, drilling holes, and much more, and can also be easily integrated into your fabtrol system.

We understand how imperative it is to follow the right standard and best practices to be able to adhere to the bigger picture of the overall project and inefficiency in creating the right electronic files can be a real hurdle. This is why, our tools, engineers, and steel detailing practices have constantly evolved with technology and we have the backing of the best in class.

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Not able to identify issues or errors beforehand could prove to be extremely tedious, time-consuming, and costly in the end. A smart strategy here would be to nit-pick every detail and we are nothing if not detail-oriented.

After the drawings have been created and vetted from our end, we send them to the engineers for approvals who then leave verification marks on respective drawings wherever there’s any missing information or if they need attention in any specific area. From our end, we ensure that all drawings have been vetted carefully before these are sent for approvals.

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Fabrication Issues (IFS)

Since multiple layers of the assembly line would have already been worked on, the interconnectedness of different points in the drawings could make implementing further changes difficult for those who may not be highly experienced in this area. But our high expertise allows us to exhibit the same level of productivity as the initial draft.

After we have received feedback on our drawings from the engineers, we work on filling in the gaps and rectifying errors wherever required before releasing them for further clarification and confirmation. Post this, gather/single part sheets combined with shop and erection drawings are sent to the fabricator. In instances of any shop issues, our highly qualified data control department ensures resolution in a quick manner.

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From the team of our expert project coordinators, we dedicate one to overseeing all project efforts and coordinating with you to make sure all communication is passed through and that he/she is the single point of contact for all requirements.

This practice significantly mitigates errors and duplication of RFI. Our experience in project management makes our project managers just the right people to handle the entire project from start to end and ensure there are no delays and your needs are met in a timely manner.

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Erection Diagrams

Our erection diagrams are of the highest quality and aligned with the latest technological standards. Right from clearly and precisely denoting the position and location of various assemblies including concrete footings, grating, decking, bracings, columns, and stairs & ladders, to making sure all complex details are simplified for ease of understanding, we help the erectors to finish their tasks within the stipulated time.

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Anchor Settings Plans

An innovative and dynamic anchor bolts plan showcases the projection and location of all anchor bolts with base plate dimensions. This ensures accurate positioning of the columns and posts. Our highly skilled steel detailers make this come to life and constantly work towards trimming down the turnaround time for anchor bolt plan drawings and deliver best results.

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A steel structure involves many aspects and interlinking of many other trades that may be running in parallel. This brings up the need to have an efficient communication strategy among all trades to be able to deliver the project successfully. And that’s what we do - we thrive on effective communication. Our project coordinators work with manufacturers and suppliers of other trades such as concrete precast foundation, concrete, doors, mechanical units, and more. We ensure all project parameters are met and high industry standards are maintained.

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Our design follows all international standards, including AISC, NISD, BSCA, RSIO and OSHA.


Find intelligent and custom solutions that cover the residential, industrial and commercial sectors.


Our expansive services cover the entire spectrum of BIM modeling and analysis for better clarity.


Experience incredibly fast turnaround times and round-the-clock support to stay in the loop.


All our structural plans and construction notes are centrally documented for easier planning.


Our design and detailing team projects competitive costs for resources and materials.


Avoid critical human errors through expert modeling, analysis and clash detection.


Our scope of work covers the more intricate details to help you find what you’re looking for.

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Started in 2009, Gsource offers a unique combination of end-to-end customized engineering, design, GIS and technology solutions. In a short span, we have created a niche for ourselves becoming agents of change in the drafting, designing and engineering segments by adopting relevant and cutting edge technologies like GIS and Business Intelligence.