Constructon Documentation

Elevate your designs with effective documentation

Build channels of seamless communication between your design and construction teams through standardized construction documentation that includes all the critical details.

Intelligent construction documentation can elevate your project by minimizing errors, reducing risks and helping contractors navigate the technical intricacies of the design.

Our in-house experts handle construction documentation once the BIM model of the project has been reviewed and clashes have been corrected, to finalize the design sets and construction requirements centrally for all the stakeholders.

What Construction Documentation Covers

Construction documentation covers every single aspect of the overall project, right from floor plans and elevations to the quality of materials used and the expected aesthetic finish.

Here’s a breakdown of what the documents specify.

Floor Plan

Ceiling & Roof Plan

Floor Finish & Pattern Plan

Exterior & Interior Elevations

Stair Plan & Detail

Door & Window Frame Schedule

Building, Frame & Wall Sections

Room Finish Schedule

These will accurately cover the essential information, helping contractors and builders understand how different sections of the project interact with each other, with clearly defined schedules.

Why Is Construction Documentation Important?

Efficient Project Management

Construction documentation provides a centralized knowledge pool for effective management.

Added Accuracy In Construction

When planned and executed well, documentation can bring the designs to life with accuracy.

Cost Effective Project Planning

It removes ambiguity and lets contractors source materials and resources without wastage.

Seamless Project Communication

The process effectively translates design language to technical information for contractors.

Simpler Reconstruction & Reengineering

Construction documentation makes the building plan modular and future additions simpler.

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