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Making the most of the AutoCAD technology, G-Source’s highly skilled engineers take care of all of your piping and instrumentation diagram and process flow diagram requirements. Our P&ID process includes valves and their unique identifications, piping sizes, drains, vents, sampling liners, flow directions, interconnections, interlocks, inputs and outputs, different interfaces, and more.

Our experts, with the help of cutting edge technology, create and manage your P&ID designs that match international standards for use across multiple engineering verticals. As P&ID is key to piping, we keep in mind all regulatory and safety requirements as well as complete orientation information. Our experiences brains at G-Source have the ability to overachieve your P&ID requirements through our expertise in mechanical design services across an array of industries.

What We Do?

Flow Directions

Anything that doesn’t flow right can create permanent damage to the entire system. Our technicians take into account the right flow directions to thoroughly understand what is intended to design.

Identification of Components

Identification of components is as important as the piping and instrumental drawing itself. We understand that it’s critical to demonstrate all the elements of P&ID and how they connect with one another.

Process Piping Sizing and Identification

With the introduction of the industrial age, the way piping is used in plants varies according to temperature and pressure and they don’t fit all applications subsequently. Our experienced technicians work with this understanding while creating stellar drawings.

Intended Physical Sequence

The order in which different components of the system are placed makes a huge difference in how a process will turn out to be. And since unique identifiers are a critical part of the process, we make sure we work with the right physical sequence throughout.

Permanent Start-up and Flush Lines

With a state of the art offshore technical centre and years of hands on P&ID experience, we are equipped to take care of the smallest of the challenges. In addition to items like Flow Diagrams, identification of components etc, Our P&ID also provides you with more detailed version that also includes Permanent start up and flush lines.

Input for Computer Control Systems

In the age of digitization, computer controls are a thing of the past. However, not entirely. If the control systems take the wrong input, the output doesn’t come out right either. We make sure we are using the right sequence to provide stellar results.

Assembly Drawings

Of all the references and items listed by the clients, Input/Output Analysis and control of the P&ID diagram is also the most important items that we always show on our diagrams. Our experts are always vary of the fact that a planned actual inputs and outputs are required to be monitored. We, therefore, work with our clients and their teams to develop this effectively for a better planning.

How It Works

Maintaining the Plant Process

Taking care of the sizing of the equipment and process specifications, and defining control and safety devices, we play a critical role in modifying the plant process.


Offering a complete overview of how a design works helps our clients encounter any operational issues so they could be rectified in time, without further delay and cost.

Safety and Regulation

As any pant requirement, our experts understand the safety and regulation, along with other shutdown and control schemes while working on any P&ID requirements.

Competitive Prices

Our timely delivery and competitive prices ensure we eliminate expensive alterations to your P&ID processes.

Unique Design Variations

We accommodate different and unique design requirements irrespective of the complexity. Our experts are always charged up to take up any challenge.

Best in the Industry

Our skilled designers and engineers are simply the best in the industry and ensure their efforts are optimized such that the project completion is faster than competitors in the market.


Our scope of work covers the more intricate details to help you find what you’re looking for.

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