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Our Mechanical Design Services

Mechanical Drafting, Design & Modelling are some of the most comprehensive work processes in any organization, whether it’s a Production Plant, Supply & Distribution or a Material Handling Unit. Having a complete process-oriented mechanical engineering team requires a lot of time and cost. And maintaining the workflow in accordance with the production is another hassle in this volatile market.

Additionally, keeping up with the production when the demands are higher than the operational capacity or paying salaries to employees while the bottom drops out of the market are two scenarios that are uncomfortable for any employer these days! Therefore, for keeping your production or manufacturing up during any shift in the market demand and still have profits without having to go through operational overheads, Gsource is your right partner that helps you scale up and save almost 50% of your overheads.

Partner with us to get access to uncompromised quality, expert workforce, efficient designs and super-fast turnarounds. Our teams are experienced in working with some of the top organizations across the globe, and this presents an opportunity for you to leverage our expertise without any premium!

How it works

Multi-disciplinary mechanical design solution provider

The Pre-production Process

We understand your unique requirements to be able to create designs that meet your commercial and technical goals. It’s our expertise in engineering, design, and manufacturing that sets us apart from everyone else.

Outlining the Proposal

After thoroughly understanding your requirements, we draft a comprehensive proposal outlining the entire design process, costing, and timelines.


Understanding your requirements after consulting on the draft proposal gives us the opportunity to zero down on the one which is most aligned with your objectives and goals.


Our skilled engineers work hard to pull what exceeds your expectations and deliver great value to your business in every way, thereby reducing overall inefficient and costly churn.


Here’s why we revolutionize your entire project workflow.

Gain A Competitive Edge

With the right solution partner, optimizing your product engineering and shortening product development timelines can give you early advantages in the market. Our advanced mechanical solutions aid multiple industries, including Transportation, Consumer Goods, Aerospace, Automobile, Robotics, Industrial Equipment, and Heavy Equipment Industries & Manufacturing.

Best-In-Class Infrastructure Support

Our mechanical solutions facilitate complex designs and products, help reduce time to market and further expand your market penetration with our best-in-class infrastructure support.

One-Stop Solution Provider

Our capabilities reflect throughout the product development lifecycle and our skilled team takes care of everything, right from conceptual design to implementation, customization, and maintenance.


Our expertise in mechanical design solutions ensures that there’s a reduction in the total cost of ownership, thereby making sure the overall project offers immense cost savings for your business.

Proven Expertise

Right from mechanical design solutions to deep domain expertise, documentation, CAD, 3D modeling, prototyping, and testing, we have bagged all credentials necessary to excel at our projects. We also carry the capabilities of implementing efficient solutions under complex situations.


Our scope of work covers the more intricate details to help you find what you’re looking for.

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