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Real estate developers, counties and city planners alike need a system in place where they can track the developments on ground over time. For builders and developers, planning of future constructions on the vast acres of land they possess needs a detailed reporting of the terrain and vicinity from time to time. Counties need precise updates of the cadastral maps falling in the boundary of the county to update and revise property taxes. Similarly, city planners and all utility providers need a good idea of the ground reality to make decisions of severe implications. G-Source,with its sound understanding of surveying and mapping, coupled with its expertise in civil and engineering, provides you tailor made solutions for all these requirements.

G-Source's land development services provide a complete analysis of your land and tracks details such as changes in the terrain after every construction, the impact of developments in the vicinity of your land, overall value enhancement of your land holding from time to time based on socio-economic changes in the vicinity to name a few. We also provide actionable insights on land taxation by detailed and accurate tracing of boundaries of land parcels along with Cad Designing for Land Development. This allows clients to establish vital information about the assets they own and the best method to efficiently manage and maintain them. We provide our clients with an accurate register of their assets, enabling comprehensive analysis of their current asset holdings. This enables efficient planning by identifying shortages or surpluses of individual asset types in each property and area. All asset registers are collated in user-friendly databases managed by us, allowing maintenance and asset managers to easily plan their future operations. Our approach is driven by the goals of our clients, so the specification for each job and level of detail recorded is tailored to ensure our clients receive all the information they require to fulfill their land development objectives.

With our drone image processing services, G-Source pushes the limits of maintaining high resolution land development information and helping you take control of every nook and corner of the land you wish to develop in the immediate or near future.


Our scope of work covers the more intricate details to help you find what you’re looking for.

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