Scan to bim

Leverage the power of point clouds for accurate BIM solutions

Capture point cloud data and create highly accurate BIM models through our Scan to BIM service. With applications across the complete project life cycle, our service is aligned to meet the needs of architects, main contractors, and retailers.

Create as-built BIM models from 3D data points from laser scanning for construction, renovation and retrofitting, and export design data as required for all stages of execution. G-Source helps generate BIM models that are data rich with the help of a certified professional team of architects, surveyors, and scan technicians.

How It Works

The 3D Laser Scanning Process

Scan to BIM leverages the power of 3D laser scanning to create Building Information Management (BIM) models that are highly customizable and accurate.

In the scanning process, predefined parameters like the scan resolution and scan area are entered into a 3D laser scanner, which then captures digital data from the given environment in a point cloud, to create a hyper-realistic 3D digital model in the specified resolution.

The point cloud data and laser scan is then colorized through images captured by high-resolution cameras attached to the scanner, which helps in differentiating the elements in the model.

When it comes to scanning a less complicated site, Matterport nowadays has become the device of choice. AEC specialists usually visit the site once and get all the scans and then shares them with their technical units or outsourced Modeling companies to work on creating a Model. The captured point cloud from Matterport is then used to create an exact model of the site, however these would have a 1% drift error which could go to a few inches, and is significant. The measurements will not be as accurate as a high-end laser scanner, but are good enough for Architects, Engineers, Construction contractors and MEP consultants to plan their future work. The engineers at Gsource understand this limitation and are able to provide the right kind of output to our customers based on the data submitted.

What if an AEC company wants a really high resolution interior and exterior of a big commercial space (e.g. Hospital) along with a millimeter accurate model and datasets, and uses a high end laser scanner? In these cases, the datasets are highly accurate (sub 5 millimeter accurate) and Gsource has hands on ability to work on Lidar point clouds, in not just creating the models but also creating complex geometries that could be challenging from the Lidar Point cloud dataset

So whether it is Matterport or Leica, Gsource has the ability to perform tasks on either methods across all stages of a construction or maintenance lifecycle.


Our in-house experts use the raw scan data and calibrate it for later use in design software. During this highly intricate process, as-built scan information is used to create industrial, structural and architectural models that showcase different layers of the composite 3D model.

Based on the project requirement, this data can be exported and made available to designers, architects and engineers for them to upgrade, redesign and re-engineer the structure.

How It Helps

Engineered to increase your efficiency, reduce costs and optimize project timelines, our scan to BIM services are designed across the board to fit all stakeholder needs. Here’s how.

Project Management Team

Highly efficient construction surveying through targeted BIM extraction.

Assured Quality & Accuracy

Get highly accurate MEP BIM drawings and models that factor every single specification.

Proven Industry Expertise

Work with experts with vast experience in residential, commercial and industrial MEP modeling.

Highly Flexible Workflow

Seamlessly define your workflow from almost all industry standard software platforms.

Why Choose Us?

Minimal Errors, Maximum Productivity

Minimize the errors in your project plan by intelligently integrating accurate point data.

Bridge The Gap For Better Results

Understand the difference between your planned strategy and practical possibilities.

Integrate Data With A Built Environment

Integrate topographic and utility data into an existing built environment in a modular process.

Experience Enhanced Clash Detection

Create as-built BIM models for MEP for improved clash detection and better results.

Reduce Overheads and Project Turnaround

Use our technology to make crucial cost savings and streamline your project timelines.

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