Efficiency meets precision with our CAD to BIM services

Improve the efficiency of your Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) teams and minimize bottlenecks to constructability for all your innovative designs through CAD to BIM services.

Real world constraints play a big part in construction and fabrication delays for product and architecture design, and effective CAD to BIM services can help neutralize human error and keep your projects on schedule.

Converting your CAD drawings to Building Information Models (BIM) helps in visualizing the core structural and architectural information for easier analysis, testing and approval.

The CAD To BIM Conversion Process

Since CAD drawings are 2D technical designs and BIM models need a lot more data for a realistically crafted prototype, the process of converting CAD designs to BIM is a complex one that involves cross-platform expertise in software like Revit and SketchUp.

Our team of experts will gather the following information to get the process started.

it includes

2D CAD Site Plans

Elevation & Layout Details

Permit Set

Construction Detailing

Point Cloud & MEP Data

Interior & Exterior Elements

Texture & Feel Moodboard

Once the data is collated, our 3D BIM artists will develop a highly intricate building information model that accurately showcases the features and potential clashes in the project.

Why Choose CAD to BIM

Simpler Collaboration Solution

BIM models make planning and collaboration easier for all stakeholders in a project.

Accurate Cost Estimation

CAD to BIM conversion makes identifying risks and estimating construction costs easier.

Visualizations and Value Addition

Effective BIM visualization lets clients iterate on multiple designs before construction starts.

Clash Detection and Fixing

Human errors, inevitable in large scale projects, can be negated through clash detection.

Improved Safety On-site

BIM models are effective in highlighting MEP and construction related hazards ahead of time.

Easier Facility Management

Digital BIM records can help in the long term maintenance and facility management of the project.

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