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Bring your projects to life with a layer of augmented reality!


Exploded View

Social Media

Animation Projection


Single screen

Assets / Models

Dynamic Render

Bridge the gap between customer expectations and reality by introducing quality mobile AR applications that communicate directly with your customers.

Use exploded view to review everything from simple object models to high quality schematic 3D models with intricate lighting and texture. Understand product construction in 3D, projected from 2D technical diagrams, and visualize architectural interiors and exteriors better by analyzing 2D floor plans through our augmented reality apps.

Create a layer of interactive assets and models that help customers define their virtual environment by tweaking all elements within the AR space, and map out planned user movements through room scaling to create carefully customized products that serve your business bottomline.

Our augmented reality applications are compatible with everyday gadgets like smartphones, making it easier to read digital information positioned over real objects in your location, using the predefined GPS feature installed in them.

If persuasion is the new marketing mantra, augmented reality marketing delivers highly interactive relationships between you and your audience. Use animation projections to wow your clients in pitches and presentations, and open up branding opportunities in our VR/AR environment by placing advertisements and media within the space.

Through rigorous 3D modeling, interactive and dynamic rendering, SLAM tracking, and animation, Gsource builds and designs thoughtfully constructed AR software that your users are sure to love.

How It Works


Download the latest version of our VR/AR application for Android or iOS and install the app as per the instructions given.


Visualize all 2D plans and documents, from construction floor plans to BIM models in perfect and highly detailed 3D to get a first look at the final product.


Interact with your 3D AR models in real-time through everyday gesture controls on your mobile device and customize them to your satisfaction in real-time.


Use Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) to walk through construction sites and larger areas to view stunning visualizations of the end models while observing and modifying all intricate details on the go.


Architectural Visualization

With augmented reality apps, builders, planners and architects can project 3D models of their projects over 2D floor plans and other documents, helping construction firms and customers browse through Revit models in full 360 view on their phones and tablets. Apart from design visualization, these 3D models also help with space planning and intricate analysis. Architects, subcontractors and clients can walk through these models making key revisions on the layout and design for a better constructed project.

Branding and Marketing

Leverage augmented reality marketing to drastically improve customer experience by strategically integrating visuals and graphics with your products. Through AR software, you can help users customize product options and browse through an inventory of materials, accessories, and features using everyday mobile devices, enabling interactive sales within your organization. Use analytics data gathered through AR to feature brands and open up sponsorship and marketing opportunities using virtual banners and branding. Improve conversions by enabling virtual storytelling to communicate better with your customers.

Supply Chain and Analytics

Augmented reality powered systems are changing the face of supply chain management by helping pickers locate, identify, scan and deliver products in a warehouse with minimal human intervention and complete automation. Drive customer centricity with an AR application that enhances staff skills and gets real-time data on customer preferences. Optimize logistics and transportation, and identify buildings for better navigations to reduce costs and make end-to-end delivery efficient.

BIM, Point Cloud and GIS

Visualize BIM models and point cloud data in full 3D with augmented reality and customize models at tabletop scale to fine tune your designs. From design and construction to inspections and final delivery, use an AR application at every stage for efficient construction and planning. With GIS and geospatial data, you can even visualize location data to understand layouts and lighting better.


Our scope of work covers the more intricate details to help you find what you’re looking for.

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